Since 2003, the Perpignan International Carillon Festival has succeeded in integrating into the proposed summer cultural offer.
For its 19th edition, from July 14 to August 18, 2021, around the theme ” Unknown land”, the Perpignan International Carillon Festival will program six French and European carillonneurs.
Originally, on geographical maps, the term ” Unknown land “ referred to lands beyond known areas. In the 21st century, there seem to no longer be any territories that have really never been explored by man, apart from underground territories and the seabed. Therefore, nowadays, the term is used of
more figuratively. Thus, a material can be ” Unknown land “ for a person if it exceeds the scope of his knowledge.
In this spirit, in addition to the usual pieces of their repertoires, the programmed carillonneurs will lead us towards little known musical universes, even unknown. In fact, summer after summer, through the concerts and themes offered, festival-goers were able to appropriate the repertoire for carillon and discover that many pieces could be adapted for this extraordinary instrument. But every musician must be an explorer! This is why the programmed carillonneurs will not hesitate to make us discover, for example, works by composers too often excluded, pieces from distant lands or from remote times, or even forgotten by the history of music with a capital H.
For the third concert of this season, this Wednesday July 28 at 6 p.m., Ulrich Seidel, German carillonneur, will ring the 46 bells of the bell tower of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral. After his studies in Erfurt, Ulrich Seidel trained at the Royal Carillon School in Mechelen (Belgium) and then at the Church School in Løgumkloster (Denmark). Regularly, he gives concerts combining carillon and other instruments. He is president of the German Carillonneurs Guild.

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