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PRAGUE The magic limit, from which it will be allowed to be allowed in the restrictions, is the value of the reproductive salt at 0.8. When it falls under one, it means that one epidemic has come under control. However, even the most optimistic prediction of health statistics does not mean that something like this could rise by the end of November.

Fully stopped growth is unlikely with the current development. Therefore, the predictive scenes are calculated in the optimistic position only with a slowdown in growth, ie with a decrease in the current value of the reproductive rate to 1.1, state the material of the state of health information and statistics (KIC) from this Monday.

A variant with a decrease to 1.1, which will mean that the disease will occur, while sweat with absolutely strict observance of hygienic rules of the hand, spacing, hand washing and a half decrease in social contacts, which was not limited before the last wave.

That’s why the politicians, you didn’t fully implement the lockdown, be careful not to go anywhere. Please vs everyone, basically at home. If you can’t work from home, go to work, buy, buy the necessary things and the house, said Minister of Health Roman Prymula on Twitter (for YES).

The only thing that is guaranteed to drill back to normal at the end of November are the first stages of the folding wheels. Prymula said that children drill into benches under all circumstances, even if it reproduces wildly. At the same time, it is clear that this release will have to be matched by the social contacts elsewhere. The power to do so is not left, only services and shops remain open.

At the same time in November, the state of emergency ended by the government, for its continuation the approval of the Chamber of Deputies would be necessary. The government must not restrict free movement, culture or restaurants without this instrument, but will need to do so to bring the reproduction below one of the current values ​​of 1.53. KIC predictions, even the most hopeful, make it clear that even existing measures will not be able to do so until the end of the current state of emergency. After asking the server, the ministers did not specify whether they will wait for the lower chamber.

Limited contact with the development of the coronavirus epidemic is prescribed with delays, the effects of pinet and after two weeks and later. After the current records in the daily sweat of new cases, they will come with about ten days from the bottom large numbers in the sweat of hospitalizations and such cases. This is a reason for them not to resign and let the covid flourish freely: most patients with a non-coronavirus diagnosis would take it away, their actions and operations would be postponed. It happens, a number of pitl had to go to such a silence.

With the current high rate of new infants, it is essential to push the reproductive system under one, this is the only way to relieve the health care system and especially the hospital. The decrease in virus reproduction will not be steep, but gradually and regionally different. Gradually, we will get back to the stage of localized and manageable outbreaks of disease and the cluster, which we know from the summer of this year. In particular, we would regain control of the disease, said Ladislav Duek, director of ZIS, to the server.

Nstraha mrnho prbhu

Vtina lid and 75 percent here covid pod lingered with morn and bottomed flags. That’s good at first with two sharp hky. First, the daily fingers of infected sweat are so robust that even a percentage of people remain, they need it for the course of the hospital to the hospital, they represent a still in the group, moreover, this is a parameter that is starting to show an increasing tendency.

The daily average number of new hospitalizations is 250, the daily average throughput 129, so the number does not relax at a rate that would correspond to the influx of new patients. The saddest statistical indicator of the fact that daily on the covad or with it has died since the arrest of June in an average of 38 people.


And it is growing according to at-risk seniors over 65 among infants. There were 3426 of them for running and August, for 4564 of them, 5383 for the first ten days.

The kind of problem is that unnoticed covid gets lower. Many people do not even know that they are nakaench, and infection, nothing wrong with not passing around. There is only one thing for that, no matter how uncomfortable and uncomfortable: it is not necessary to meet anyone, km.

With the current epidemiological parameters, it seems an ideal to reduce the amount of contact in the population by fifty percent. In parallel with strict adherence to hygiene rules (hands spaced apart), this would slow down the disease, but with a minimum of at least seven days. During this time, one-time high daily seizures of positive individuals and up to between 6,000 and 12,000 can be expected, according to Monday’s summary of health statistics.

According to the KIC, the number of viruses in the population is huge, showing how fast it is among people. According to the traffic lights on Monday, five regions were booming in June: Prague, Central Bohemia, Krlovhrad, Zlín and the South Moravian Region. All the others are painted orange, there is a community broadcast, where people on the net, where they could drink to the virus, are registered.

Captured infection is only a fraction of the reality, long-term predictions assume that in such an explosive disease, as it turns out, the number of coincidences is 2.5- and 3.5-fold, not what tests reveal.


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