People with this name are malicious. See if your name is on the list [znaczenie imion – 15.09.2020]


We have prepared a list for you based on the meaning of the names. See what names are considered the most malicious. Check it out.

Believe it or not. Certain character traits have long been assigned to names. We have prepared a ranking for you based on the names according to the opinions of ezeterians.

A name is a personal name given to a person by the group they belong to. Together with a possible second and last name, it is the basic term for a person in most peoples.

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The name is probably derived from the nickname, and over time it acquired a strong magical trait. This is connected with the ancient function of language, according to which giving a name to an object, object or person was considered to gain power over it. Thus, the family gave the child a name to endow him with certain features, “program” his future or reverse an unfavorable course of events. The name was a fortune, a blessing, a wish. (for Wikipedia)

People with this name are malicious – list here

This time we check the owners of whose names, according to esotericists, the most malicious. It is worth adding that malice is attributed to intelligent people. Check if you will be listed in the gallery below. And don’t forget that you have to read horoscopes with a pinch of salt 😉


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