‘Penthouse’, you see while swearing? View rating through the roof

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SBS drama’Penthouse’ (played by Kim Soon-ok/director Joo Dong-min) is being reacted by the theater company.

Writer Kim Soon-ok of’Penthouse’ is a writer who wrote’The Temptation of Wife’ and’Jangbori has come’, and is a writer who raised the box office batting rate by hitting’My Sister is Alive’ and’The Dignity of the Empress’ on SBS. The numerical performance of viewership was also high, but at the same time, it was also constantly criticized as’the dead end’. Ironically, these evaluations played a part in building the artist’s brand of Kim Soon-ok. Provocative setting and development followed like his trademark.

His new work’Penthouse’ is also composed of the most secular and stimulating materials. Money (real estate) and education are the important subjects. The top class of the penthouse is set as’House Price’ No. 1 and’Education’ No. 1, and it depicts the worldly and vulgar desires of the members and what happens.

‘Penthouse’ started with the shocking scene where Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min), who entered as a tutor among the members of the penthouse, dies, and the fierce competition of parents to advance to art high school, and the upper classes of all walks of life who lived in the penthouse meet. Listed are those who are eager to make money in an unclean way. At the beginning of the play, a similarity to the JTBC drama’Sky Castle’, which was broadcast last year and gained popularity at the syndrome level, was also pointed out. It is based on the story of money and children going on to medical school in the background of the top 0.1% Sky Castle (top-class residence), the mysterious death of a poor man in the opposite direction and the composition of finding the criminal. In addition, felony crimes such as abandonment of the body and arson appeared in a row, including scenes of the death of Min-seol child from falling in the penthouse, and the scene where Cheon Seo-jin (played by Kim So-yeon) struck Oh Yoon-hee (played by Yujin) with a trophy. The stimulating setting for the teenage characters also appeared on the cutting board. It is said that the misdeeds of the so-called’Hera Kids’, such as Juk-kyung (played by Han Ji-hyun) and Yu-geni (played by Jin Ji-hee), who bother Min Seol-ah, have exceeded the degree. The scenes of 3rd graders in junior high school treating Min Seol-ah, and then kidnapping and bullying in a junkyard make viewers feel as if they are driving to the edge of a cliff.

In addition, the hatred toward those who do not have money underneath the’penthouse’ is insensitive and frequently appears. The way of’handling’ Min Seol-ah, the contemplation of the people who don’t care about the lives of others in order to take part as real estate, and the people who are insensitive to the poor but talented people are constantly repeated.

The stimulating and absurd scenes unfold quickly. In a frantic story, viewers are pushed back to judge events or characters in the drama, and become insensitive to immoral scenes.

The reaction of viewers from both extremes is coming out over the talkative and troubling’penthouse’. The voice is high because it is too close, but there are not a few reactions from some people saying’I enjoy’ with a fictional drama.

Ironically, the various stories poured into the’Penthouse’ lead to topicality, and the audience rating is soaring along with the level of development at the close. The first broadcast on October 26th started at 9.2% (same below the national standard of Nielsen Korea) and maintained an upward trend each time, and the 7th broadcast on the 16th updated its own highest ratings at 14.5%.

It is literally a’problem work’, creating results and criticism at the same time over and over again. There is also a prediction that the’Penthouse’ planned for the season will become a historical drama of the last brand. What is the form of the’record’ that the’penthouse’ will achieve?

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