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Citizens passing by near the candidates waving on the street.Will the complaints of the candidates and the voices of the voters reach each other? = Central, Aoba-ku, Sendai City on the afternoon of the 22nd

Prices continue to rise, the yen continues to depreciate, and the birthrate is declining and the population is aging. The House of Councilors election announced on the 22nd (voting on July 10th) will ask how politics will respond to the ever-increasing social unrest. How did the women, who are sensitive to the impact on their lives, make the announcement? I heard voices in various places.

“Not enough eyes of consumers”

The public pension has been reduced for two consecutive years. An unemployed woman (74) = Yamagata City = who lives on a pension laments, “The amount of payment is declining. She worked hard and paid her insurance premiums.”

The current amount received is about 70,000 yen a month, which is the national pension plus a small welfare pension. Cut down your savings. Every day, “after checking the discount sticker of the product at the supermarket, think about the menu for the day.”

“Politics lacks the eyes of consumers. Do we really understand our suffering?”

College students scheduled to graduate next spring are in the middle of job hunting. For a student (21) in the 4th year of Natori Gakuin University (Natori City) = Tagajo City =, the success or failure of job hunting is synonymous with “Can I repay the scholarship properly?”

The total amount of borrowing is 4 million yen. After getting a job, repayment of less than 30,000 yen a month will start. “I’m always worried about repayment. I want young people to manage the situation where they can’t learn with peace of mind.” I want to get married and have children in the future, but in the current situation, I’m reluctant.

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The youth support measures of each party and each candidate searched on the Internet are similar. I go to vote, but I have a strong feeling of giving up.

There is also a harsh reality in “gender equality” and “women’s success”. A woman with two elementary school sons, Izumi-ku, Sendai, retired after giving birth to her second son, exhausted by “one-operated childcare” with her work and housework. She moved from Kanagawa prefecture to Sendai, where her husband was assigned to work alone, seven years ago.

“It is difficult to balance work and childcare. It is difficult for men to be involved in childcare due to long working hours, etc. The environment where couples can raise children together is insufficient.”

With the declining birthrate and aging population, I wonder, “Can my boys live with peace of mind in the future?” Many of the members of the Diet are elderly men, and I hope that more members will be able to tackle the issues of the child-rearing generation.

Human resources consultant (40) = Tome City = also sways between ideal and reality. Last fall, a rental kitchen where users can freely manufacture and sell bento boxes was opened in Tome, Furusato, but most of the equipment was destroyed by the March earthquake, and the predicament continues.

After graduating from a university in Tokyo, he started his own business four years ago after working for an advertising agency in Sendai. After seeing her local friends give up their careers after marriage and childbirth, she opened a rental kitchen, saying, “I want to increase the number of lively women.”

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Although there are active female members of the Diet, I get the impression that they are “special people who can adapt to male society.” She thinks, “If a woman who works normally and has been troubled normally gets involved in national affairs, things may change a little.”

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