“Pengcheng Golden Autumn Fun Tour in Shenzhen” series of themed activities launched with 155 activities to boost tourism consumption_Shenzhen News Network

Shenzhen News Network September 12, 2023Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Reporter Shen Yong) Recently, the launch ceremony of the series of themed activities of “Pengcheng Golden Autumn Fun Tour in Shenzhen” was held in Shenzhen Uptown. At the event, the “Love Shenzhen Jiujiu Youli” Shenzhen cultural tourism consumption coupons were launched for the first time, and the “Love in Shenzhen” cultural tourism short video competition held awards. Vice Mayor Zhang Hua attended.

Zhang Hua presented the award to the first prize winner of the “Love in Shenzhen” cultural and tourism short video competition. She said that the municipal party committee and municipal government attach great importance to tourism and regard tourism as an important measure to promote high-quality development and enhance the city’s core competitiveness. This series of themed activities “Pengcheng Golden Autumn Fun Tour in Shenzhen” is an important measure in Shenzhen’s tourism field. It gathers the wisdom and strength of various districts and relevant units, and can effectively stimulate Shenzhen’s tourism consumption and promote Shenzhen’s economic development.

It is reported that this “Pengcheng Golden Autumn Fun Tour in Shenzhen” selects 155 major activities from various districts and relevant departments in the city, forming a list of four major categories of tourism products: “Fun Shopping, Fun Carnival, Fun Performing Arts, and Fun Events”. Each This section selects nine popular activities and draws a “Happy Map of Shenzhen Festivals” to facilitate citizens and tourists to check in. Among them, 43 “Fun Hui Shopping” shopping activities to benefit the people provide citizens and tourists with comprehensive guidance on “shopping wool”; 29 “Fun Carnival” scenic spot activities bring a lot of joy; 50 “Fun Performing Arts” activities invite you to enjoy concerts , concerts; 33 “fun events” cultural and sports events are exciting, and in the future, three-dimensional, diversified, and project-based product marketing and marketing will be carried out. On that day, the “Love Shenzhen” Shenzhen cultural tourism consumption coupon event issued a total of 1 million yuan of cultural tourism consumption coupons, with a discount of nearly 50%.

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