Pearl Jam, the schedule of concerts in Italy in 2022: all the songs

Pearl Jam in concert in Italy: the 2022 live schedule of the historic grunge band led by Eddie Vedder.

We have been waiting for them for a long time, but the wait is about to end. After the long break from the Covid pandemic, Pearl Jam are about to return to Italy for an extraordinary concert, one of the most important of this long summer full of music. Eddie Vedder and companions will be protagonists in our country of a live that is part of a european tower very important, with many dates in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and beyond. Let’s find out what it could be ladder of the Italian concert.

Pearl Jam in tour nel 2022

Only one concert by the American band in our country in this 2022. An event of fundamental importance for all of their fans. The date is that of June 25the location the International Circuit of Imola.

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

The opening of the gates is scheduled for 3 pm while the live band will begin at 9.15 pm. However, the wait will be filled with two very important performances. At 18.15 they will go up on stage i White Reaperwhile at 19.30 it will be the turn of a historic band, i Pixies.

The Pearl Jam lineup in 2022

Obviously the lineup of concerts of the band led by Eddie Vedder could change from one event to another. In principle, however, it should be based on the one presented in these days during the other European dates of the band. A lineup that takes both hands from the album more famous of their discography, Tenbut which also leaves some space for their latest album, Gigaton. Here are all the songs of the last live, that of June 21 in Berlin:

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– Why Go
– Hail Hail
– Deep
– Untitled
– Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
– Low Light
– Do the Evolution
– Retrograde
– Dance of the Clairvoyants
– Even Flow
– Quick Escape
– Superblood Wolfmoon
– Amongst the Waves
– Corduroy
– Not for You
– Nothingman
– I Believe in Miracles (cover dei Ramones)
– Porch
– Footsteps
– Street Fighting Man (cover dei Rolling Stones)
– Yellow Ledbetter
– Alive

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