Payment of scholarships, before starting the electoral process

In this month of March, the advance payment of three two-month periods of the Benito Juárez Scholarship to young people, but if this has not been the case, they can go to the Circunvalación offices to verify their situation, indicated the regional delegate of Federal Development Programs, Rogelio Rodriguez Garcia.

He recalled that, given the proximity of the electoral process, the President ordered that the props that they grant to older adults and students will be advanced three months, so the dispersion was made.

He stressed that this part has to be fully covered this month, so if not, young people can go to the offices that are in front of the place known as Los Filtros in Orizaba for your case to be followed up.

He pointed out that they can go from 09:00 to 18:00 at Norte 13 corner with Poniente 14.

Likewise, regarding the notice that Banco Azteca has been sending to the young scholarship holders to prevent them from giving their data to anyone who calls them by phone, he mentioned that although this case is not known to have occurred here, although It is known that in other places, by providing their data or entering the wrong pages, there were those who charged their scholarships.

That is why they are warned not to give their data anyone to prevent someone from trying to collect those props“, he indicated.

Rodríguez García commented that if they receive any calls from people who identify themselves as Banco Azteca, do not give any information, simply go to the nearest branch or also to the offices of Norte 13 to guide them.

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