Patti Smith will give a concert for Bob Dylan’s 80th anniversary

The rock music icon will take the stage at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park to celebrate her friend Bob Dylan

It will be one of the first concerts organized at the time of the pandemic, the one starring the icon of punk-rock music Patti Smith.

The event is open to the public and will take place outdoors, in full compliance with the health protocols imposed for the containment of Covid-19 (THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES – THE MAP). Scheduled for Saturday May 22, 2021, will be part of the review Spring Festival, at the Kaatsbaan Cultural Park in Tivoli (in the state of New York).


Bob Dylan, the most beautiful phrases of his songs

It was the American magazine Rolling Stone, together with the official profile of the event, that first gave the news: Patti Smith will perform, including notes and poems, to pay homage to his friend on his 80th birthday. The singer-songwriter will in fact take the stage with her son Tony Shanahan, just two days before Bob Dylan’s birthday. The two will sing many pieces by the famous singer-songwriter, but also unpublished melodies and poems.

As required by the WHO, the event will host 3% of the normal public. Arrivals and entrances will be scheduled, masks and social distancing mandatory.

Who is Patti Smith

Referred to as the “poet of rock music”, Patti Smith (whose real name is Patricia Lee Smith) definitely marked the decade of the 70s, performing with many pieces that have become famous and are still played today. “People have the power”, “Summer Cannibalis”, “Because the night”, are just some of the above, works in which the musician mixes the sweetness of words with the typical scratch of the rock melody.

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Patti Smith has always combined her passion for music with her passion for poetry since she was a child, proving to be a revolutionary but also fragile personality.

Recently listened to live, during the inauguration ceremony of the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris, we will appreciate it at the Spring Festival with original pieces, covers by Dylan and unpublished poems.

Patti Smith e Bob Dylan

Last year, during an interview with the American press, the American singer and poetess said that the relationship between her and Bob Dylan has not always been a bed of roses. Over time, however, the two began to understand each other and create a lasting friendship so much so that it was she who performed for the American singer-songwriter at his award ceremony for the victory at Nobel Prize 2016.

In the meantime, the biopic on the life of the famous artist is awaited at the cinema. By title “Going electric“, Will be directed by James Mangold, and in the role of Dylan will be the young promise of international cinema Timothée Chalamet.


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