Patras and Delon: This came after years!

So this experience is envied by a large number of women! When Dada in the 80’s she visited France to shoot the series, she had the opportunity to meet the idol of women in person. She received not only compliments, but even flowers, which were sent to the actress at the actress Delon’s request. “The reunion was accidental and it was very nice.” Dáda admitted to the website.

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As the actress recalled when they had dinner together, she did not perceive the actor as one of the biggest French stars. Delon was simply an attentive man who had no need to brandish his fame. “It didn’t work out for him to play a star, because he was already that star at that time and on the one hand he was a very natural and modest person. I felt like I was meeting a friend. “ recalls Patras.

Gott he has no psychotests and is out of work. And Dada will take revenge on Felix, not by divorce!


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