Past and present of Viveros Concerts

VALENCIA. The July Fair has always been the best opportunity to see quality live music in Valencia, and bands that would otherwise be very difficult to enjoy on stage. The programming of the July Fair is a benchmark in the city, where the most important artists have been dropped. My musical life is intimately linked to the Fair, like that of many Valencians. I remember that Friday, July 20, 2001, they played Reincidentes and Fe de Ratas. It was my first concert and I have never felt the nervousness and excitement of that time again.

Like many, memories and mental photographs crowd the memory, sometimes so fragile, sometimes so lucid. Historical concerts that we have been able to see thanks to the Fair. Screaming in 2005 with Alice Cooper and his Poison; surprised and incredulous with a Iggy Pop & The Stooges jumping like children around the stage; which, by the way, returns to Valencia at the Diversity Festival from July 21 to 23. Other artists stepped on the stage of La Feria de Julio, this is the case of Anastaciawho in 2004 sold 21 million records with his self-titled album, and who arrived in 2016 to present his compilation album, Ultimate Collectiono Gloria Gaynorwhich Viveros performed twice, in 2008 and 2016.

In recent years, La Feria Julio has managed to position itself even more in the city in the packed agenda of festivals, music cycles and various events. Last year artists of the stature of Jorge Drexler or the Valencians The Red Roomnot to mention Sidecars. In 2019 the night of the rock poets filled us with emotion with Xavi Sarrià, Kiko Veneno y Bebe. Something similar happened when international musicians like Emir Kusturica, Ky-Mani Marley o The Waterboys They sang to the moon of Valencia. The July Fair is a magical place.

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One of the most unforgettable moments in the recent history of La Feria de Julio was the concert by Rosendo in 2018, it was not the first time that he strummed his guitar in the venue, but it will presumably be the last, because that bolo was part of his Farewell Tour with the deceased Boniguitarist of the historic Barricada.

And this year the poster is still fantastic. We analyze the programming of the July Fair to break down some of the performances that will make your hair stand on end, make you jump and sing out loud. So that you also sing to the moon. And we start by taking a first look at Stay Homaswho yesterday opened the 2022 cycle together with the singer-songwriter Suu and the group Maluks. Stay Homas is the Barcelona band that revolutionized the networks in confinement. They created songs that were uploaded to Instagram every other day, and that suddenly became a phenomenon, because people needed some joy in those days.

Rock lands on day 2 hand in hand with those of Marrasa group that does not stop touring with their seventh work, and that fully consolidates them on the national scene as one of the greats, titled, Danger Hope, and that as happened with Stay Homas, it was also born in the pandemic. Its eleven songs ooze authenticity and energy. Songs like Bye o juggle They will be in their repertoire for you to spend a night of good music. Nor will they come alone, they will also be accompanied by Valencians, The Uncle of the Mask.

Cat Power he will present his last plastic on the 5th; Covers, which is his third cover album, from his own point of view. Topics like Endless Sea by Iggy Pop will leave you very surprised, although perhaps the most interesting thing has been how Cat Power has known how to combine genres and twist them, from blues to synthesizers. As a curiosity, she covers a song by actor Ryan Gosling’s group, Dead Man´s Bonesof the theme Pa Pa Power, with a good video clip. She will be accompanied by the singer Sandra Montfort with your project Angel Reptile Boy.

On July 6 and 7, two bands will perform with an authentic legion of fans throughout Spain. First Bread with his new album when you bite your lip, a 14-song LP in which 14 Hispanic-American artists have collaborated. There are no more tickets left to delight you with the Madrilenian and his band. The next day they arrive Van Gogh’s Earwhich does not stop reaping successes to this and the other side of the pond presenting its eighth LP, A Whisper in the Storm.

Zoo. Photo: IRENE BERNARD / Europa Press

On July 8, one of the bands that is offering the most successes, good reviews and longest tours, will download their latest LP, Lollipopswe are talking about Zoo, which have been performing in half of Europe with a large influx of people. This will be their only concert in the capital in 2022, and it is a great opportunity to enjoy those from Gandia. They are accompanied by two bands that are being quite a discovery, Tentwith his second round, Latest Generation (s) y Extra season with its casual punk rock.

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One of the most anticipated concerts will be Steve Vaiwho already acted in 2016 and repeats with Inviolatean album that comes ten years after The Story of Light and that recovers the avant-garde spirit of Vai, and that is less accessible to less experienced ears. And following in an international key, Julian Marleyan excellent reggae musician who began his discography in 1996 and who released his latest album to date in 2019, As I Am. This concert is part of the Benicàssim Rototom Sunsplash Festival, which will take place between August 16 and 22.

Rigoberta Bandini It arrives twice on the 19th and 20th, and it will be a great luxury to have one of the most interesting voices on the Spanish music scene at the moment. A number one who has hung the sign of “sold out” the two days. There will also be, on the 23rd, a legendary indie band, which has already completed 30 years of history, the Granadans, The planetswho will present their tenth album, The Songs of the Water. We could not understand the evolution and importance that indie music has achieved without the fundamental participation of Los Planetas and LPs such as A week in the engine of a bus (1998).

And finally, a band that forged its legend in the city for its concert at the UD Levante Stadium on August 17, 1986, and that had The Waterboys as opening act, the British Simple Minds will be in Viveros on the 24th, where they will not be lacking Don´t you (Forget about me), Someone Somewhere in Summertimeand of course, the new song they published in January, Act of Love. The concerts of the July Fair will once again cover the city with the best music in the world, from the local to the most international, from indie to the most massive groups.

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