‘Pascal Siakam To The Warriors’: NBA Trade Rumors Emerge As Steph Curry And Co. Want The Raptors Star

Pascal Siakam was looking like he’d be the next Raptors superstar, but a disappointing season has him in trade rumors to potentially the Warriors.

The Warriors had another heartbreaking season as Klay Thompson’s injury last offseason set an ominous tone for them. However, due to Steph Curry’s heroics throughout the year, the Warriors snuck in to the play-in tournament as an eighth seed.

They had two opportunities to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, they missed both, and now they sit at home while the rest of the NBA battles it out. Holding the seventh overall pick in this year’s draft, and the 20 year old, number two overall pick from last year James Wiseman, many believe they may be in the market for another star.

Could that star be the embattled Raptors star?

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Will The Golden State Warriors Trade For Pascal Siakam? How Will Siakam Help Steph Curry & The Warriors?

Pascal Siakam would be a major boost for the Warriors. Despite the team having a down year, Pascal Siakam still put incredible numbers for the Raptors.

He averaged 21.4 ppg, 7.5 rbpg, and 4.2 apg while also playing stellar defense all of last year. The Raptors ranked number one in terms of opponent’s three point percentage allowed at 33.7 and defenders only made an abysmal 31.7% of their shots when Siakam was the closest defender.

The Warriors desperately lacked a consistent scoring option behind Curry all of last year. Wiggins was up and down, and Kelly Oubre did not have the impact Golden State thought he would when they brought him on.

Adding Siakam would certainly ease the load off Curry and Thompson when he returns next year. A third scoring option would set up their shooters better, and Wiggins and Oubre would both thrive as role players as they wouldn’t be asked to do more than they’re capable of (which was the case for a lot of last year).

Additionally, Siakam also helps tighten the defensive rotation for the Warriors. Draymond Green was a top tier defender as always last season, but there’s only so much he can do alone as the rest of the Warriors aren’t the lethal defender he is.

In short, Siakam would be a huge difference maker for Curry and the Warriors. However, the cost to get him may mortgage the Warriors future. Wiseman is still incredibly raw. If you’re the Warriors, do you give up on him after just one year? And, what about that seventh overall pick? Who knows what kind of player you might get for it.

The risk is tremendous but the payoff could be just as satisfying. As it stands, this Warriors team is definitely built for a playoff run, but with the addition of a third star, they could vault right back into championship contention.

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