Pascal Obispo victim of discomfort a few minutes before a concert

The 56-year-old singer was to take the stage at Bascala, north of Toulouse. He was taken care of by the Samu and hospitalized.

Pascal Obispo was to perform for free at Bascala, a performance hall located in Bruguières, north of Toulouse. The showcase was organized by local radio 100%. While he was backstage, the singer was seized with uneasiness, fortunately not serious. The station itself broke the bad news on its Facebook page. “A few minutes before the show, a case of force majeure prevented the artist from going on stage. As a precautionary measure, we called the Samu. Obviously the artist’s life is not in danger. Currently he is resting, we wish him a speedy recoverySaid 100%.

Still in the hospital

According to BFM TV, the situation was managed by a doctor present in the room, who quickly called for help, without taking any risk. “Fearing heart failure, he then called the ambulances but it turned out to be simple vagal discomfort due to overwork and fatigue.», Indicates the news channel.

BFM also reveals that the singer is still hospitalized, and should undergo a battery of additional examinations, to determine the causes of his discomfort.

Pascal Obispo came to defend his last album released on October 28 and entitled France. A record in which he takes up songs he had composed more than twenty years ago for France Gall. The 56-year-old singer will now be able to rest, he who has not planned a tour in the wake of this new album.


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