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Participation report of the 6 district councils in the metropolitan area

On September 3rd (Saturday), the Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel held a meeting of the 6 districts in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Part 1

First, Vice President Inui explained the current state of the university.
The newly completed Izumi Learning Square has a unique design that overturns the conventional image of a campus, and we were introduced to students learning with free ideas.
Regarding student support during the corona crisis, it seems that there are measures such as payment of lump-sum payment for online support, free lending of PC equipment, and mass vaccination efforts. There was also an introduction to Mathematical Science, which is Vice President Inui’s specialty.

Next, Mr. Mikoshiba, chairman of the Federation of Parents’ Association, explained the activities of the association.
The role of the association is 1) to act as a bridge between the university and parents and increase the number of Meiji fans, 2) to support active students and support students in need, and 3) to make Meiji University my second alma mater.
The 8 main projects are: (1) Hosting parent-teacher conferences (2) Providing scholarships for the United Parents’ Association (3) Supporting academic and extracurricular activities (4) Awarding regional promotion awards and dean’s encouragement awards (5) Sponsoring cultural and artistic activities (6) Graduation commemorative gifts Presenting (7) PR activities (8) Parents’ exchange meetings are held.

Activities for 2022 include donations to the Ikuta Campus No. 2 Central School Building, support and dissemination of M-Sports and M-Gei, LINE sharing of the support system, support for extracurricular activities, the 5th Meijiro LINE stamp, and parent association goods. It seems that 20 activities will be developed, such as the renewal of , overseas parent associations, and exchanges with alumni.

Part 2

In a group discussion by the parents of the 6 districts, we exchanged opinions on the future of parent association activities. In addition to issues such as operational efficiency, personnel shortages, and organizational structure, many ideas were presented, such as support for club activities, hands-on events where students can interact with each other, and cooperation among the six districts. In particular, there were many opinions that they would like to get rid of the conventional image of PTA activities and participate casually as “supporters of Meiji University.”

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The special event is a rakugo vaudeville performance by Mr. Shikontei Shiiasa, the 22nd head of the Meiji University Rakugo Research Group. Speaking of Shikontei Shii Asa, the 4th generation Yuji Miyake, the 5th generation Tatekawa Shinosuke, the 6th generation Watanabe Masayuki, and the Meiji University rakugo research group. The program was “Toki Soba”.

Face-to-face activities have been restricted due to the corona crisis, but I was able to learn about the state of the university, exchange opinions with people from the six districts, and once again feel the joy of talking face-to-face.
For the further development of parent association activities, deepen the ties of the 6 districts and send their thoughts to the future! Let’s connect and go! !

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