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A digital livestreaming platform has been created with the participation of Big Hit Entertainment, YG ENTERTAINMENT, Universal Music Group (UMG) and Kiswe Mobile.

YG and UMG announced on the 10th that they will jointly invest in KBYK Live, a joint venture established by Big Hit Entertainment with Kiswee. Starting with equity investment, YG and UMG plan to grow KBYK Live’s “Venew Live” into a global platform in which various musicians, including artists, participate.

Big Hit Entertainment signed an MOU with Kiswee in May last year and established a joint venture in September. After that, he launched “Venew Live”, a service platform for digital live streaming concerts, and has performed online concerts.

At the confluence of YG and UMG, “Venew Live” secures high-level performance content with world-famous artists of Big Hit, YG, and UMG, and at the same time, utilizes Kiswee’s original technology such as multi-view live streaming, and is groundbreaking. It is expected to realize the expansion of various platforms.

“Venew Live” will provide an innovative performance experience that differentiates fans from customizing and enjoying the artist’s content by maximizing the characteristics of each artist’s content based on cutting-edge technology. That’s right.

The technology of “Venew Live” was already proved last year through concerts by various artists belonging to the Big Hit label. Especially at the BTS (BTS) online concerts “BANG BANG CON The Live” and “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E” held in June and October last year, with stable streaming and high quality video. Proved sound quality. In each of the two performances, we provided stable services to fans with a maximum of 756,000 simultaneous connections and 993,000 performance viewers, and shot from various angles as well as high-quality 4K / HD images. It incorporates many interactive elements such as a multi-view function that allows you to select and appreciate the artist’s performance, and a function that links the live chat function with the penlight.


In addition, “Venew Live” provides various performance elements provided by digital concerts, such as concert distribution, MD purchase of performances, chat, etc., according to the characteristics and needs of each artist and fan. To do.

KBYK Live CEO John J. Lee said, “‘VenewLive’ has already performed several large-scale performances last year, and fans of the fascinating experience that only digital performances offer with high-level technology such as multi-view and 4K image quality. With our technology, fans can feel closer to the artist, and the artist strives to maximize his energy on the digital stage. “

Choi Seong-joon, Chief Operating Officer of YG ENTERTAINMENT, said, “I think that our company, which has many competitive artists on the world stage, has a good platform with excellent technology, which has a positive effect. We will continue to strive to provide more diverse experiences and new services to our fans around the world. “

“We are now and in the future to provide UMG artists and fans with more opportunities and a more advanced livestreaming experience,” said Boyd Muir, CFO and Managing Director of Universal Music Group. Joining Kisswe as a partner for KBYK Live. 2020 was a year of solid recognition of the need for stable and innovative livestreaming. VenewLive is a year for artists to join the community and fans. I think it will help improve their experience and give them the most creative and memorable opportunity to globalize their performances and performances. “

Kisswee CEO Mike Savelle said, “We have been developing video streaming and fan communication technology since 2013. Using digital technology, artists perform in front of fans around the world, crossing the boundaries of the venue. We’re very happy to support you and make your fans feel part of the concert. We’ve helped watch live performances with some of the best artists in the world, and we’ve had an amazing experience for all our fans. We are working hard to provide it. “

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Big Hit Entertainment Global CEO Yoon Suk-jun said, “Big Hit’s attempt to maximize the fan experience has led to the introduction of various technologies, not just entertainment.” VenewLive “is part of this effort. Our dream and goal is to ensure that our fans can experience the artist’s content in the best possible way, regardless of the environment, by stably providing the most advanced technology of each era. We will continue to study and actively introduce new technologies and trials in various fields that can have a positive impact on enhancing the fan experience. “

・ Big Hit’s “Weverse” and NAVER “V LIVE” will be integrated … Building a new community platform

・ YG ENTERTAINMENT & Big Hit Entertainment is a tag! Developing various contents such as “Weverse”


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