» Participated and appreciated the Sunrise Concerts proposed in Torre del Cerrano

Aretusi: “Like every year, the Concerts at Alba always attract a large audience”

PINETO. The Daniele Seconi Quartet Swinging Bach composed by Daniele Seconi on piano, Gianluca Caporale on sax, Davide Di Giuseppe on drums and Emanuele Fanì on double bass, enchanted the large audience present at the last of the nine appointments, all very attended and appreciated, with Concerts at Dawn which from 2 July to 27 August 2023 were held at 6 in the morning on the terrace of Torre Cerrano. The ingredients that form the basis of this renewed success are unique and unrepeatable: highly talented musicians, a place rich in history that is reflected on an enchanting sea in the Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area. The colors of dawn and the evocative atmospheres that the musicians have been able to create in all the events have thrilled and enthralled the participants, many of whom were tourists. The initiative was organized by the Municipal Administration of Pineto and by the AMP Torre del Cerrano in synergy with ACS Circuito Spettacolo Abruzzo and Molise and in collaboration for some concerts with the Amici della Musica 2000 Association within the International Festival Duchi d ‘Living Water.

The first appointment was with Rifugi with Antonio De Luca on accordion and Emanuele Di Teodoro on bass; on 9 July there was the Daniele Mammarella fingerstyle; on July 16th it was the turn of the “Vinyl Donuts Soul Rise” with Laura Sinigaglia on vocals, Manuel Aceto on bass, Stefano Tempera on guitar and Alessandro Scenna on drums; on July 23, the Sunrise group proposed “Embracing the dawn”, with the soprano Federica Di Rocco; Alex Di Rocco on saxophones, Mauro Di Ruscio on keyboards and PD, Claudio Marzolo on double bass Davide Ciarallo on percussion and accordion and Massimo Di Rocco on drums. On 30 July there was the show “Post tenebras Lux ambient” with Giuseppe Franchellucci on cello and Davide Grotta on piano and synthesis. “The Singing Sea” with Tommaso D’Onofrio on violin, Fabio Di Francescantonio on guitar and Giulia Martino on vocals was proposed on 6 August for the FAI circuit. On August 13th there was the Marsican Brass Quintet with Giuseppe Iacobucci and Marco Scamolla on trumpet, Giovanni Piacente on horn, Stefano Tomasi on trombone and Alessandro Caretta on bass tuba. On August 20 there was the Virtuosi String Quintet composed by Iaropud Taras and Sukhovyi Yevhenii on violins, Trunov Oleg on viola and Pogoretskyi Iurii on cello.

“Like every year, the Concerts at Dawn always attract a large audience – comments the President of the Torre del Cerrano WAP, Fabiano Aretusi – this is a source of great pride for us. It is a proposal appreciated by residents, but also by tourists. Music and nature together create unique and suggestive atmospheres, they excite and these experiences are in great demand by our guests. We are very happy with the success of this edition too and I thank, also on behalf of the Municipal Administration of Pineto, ACS for the collaboration and the Amici della Musica 2000 Association, all the musicians involved, the Cerrano Guides who at the end of the concerts they took care of the guided tours of the Tower, the Italian Red Cross committee of Roseto degli Abruzzi and the Eagles of the Park for assistance and safety, thanks also to Bruno Mariani for the splendid photos he took and naturally to the public for the closeness and the partecipation”.

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