Parliamentary report presents 55 recommendations to stem social fraud


After the Court of Auditors, it is the turn of the National Assembly’s commission of inquiry to take stock of social fraud in a report published on Monday and presented on Tuesday. If the commission could not quantify the extent of the fraud, the parliamentarians on the other hand distilled a list of 55 recommendations to limit the breakage. In particular, with better control at registration and more cross-checking of information between the various social organizations.

«We did not give precise figures because the range is too large, so it is open to debate», Explains Pascal Brindeau, the rapporteur of the commission of inquiry, to Figaro. A few days ago, in Le Figaro, Pascal Brindeau had indeed estimated the extent of social fraud “between 14 to 45 billion euros».

Anti-fraud agency

To fight against social fraud, the commission of inquiry of the National Assembly thus proposes a list of 55 recommendations.

Among them, the cross-checking of information between the various public bodies concerning the beneficiaries of partial unemployment. According to the commission, it is indeed urgent to “develop cooperation between social protection bodies and specialized judicial police services […] by developing the provision of personnel“. Or again, within each social protection organization, “to organize the feedback of complex fraud cases».

The commission of inquiry then proposes to relaunch the policy of combating social fraud by making “Public work on the evaluation of social benefit fraud“And by creating “An anti-fraud agency endowed in particular with powers of audit, advice and injunction with regard to social protection organizations”.

For “give ourselves the means to fight effectively against fraud“, The commission then proposes to”confer on agents of social protection bodies the prerogatives of judicial police officers allowing them in particular to proceed to the free hearing of suspects»Or even “Create a code for the repression of social fraud […] in order to rationalize and harmonize procedures and sanctions for social fraud».

Drug trafficking

For Pascal Brindeau, “The easiest and quickest action to take is dematerialization of medical prescriptions which makes it possible to avoid fakes, and therefore drug trafficking. It is technically quite feasible. Then, we must speed up the creation of a national agency to fight against fraud, which represents a real step in terms of strengthening the culture of the fight. Indeed today the national delegation of fight against fraud has only one mission of coordination of the policies of fight and exchange of good practices. It is not directly in charge of control, although this would make it possible to better train the various agents of the protection funds ”.

Third flagship measure for Pascal Brindeau, “Succeed in replacing the beneficiary’s declaration system, by making the best use of the Common National Directory of Social Protection (RNCPS), a real directory of data cross-referencing with other social organizations and why not even with fiscal and banking organizations».


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