Parliament approves research program on energy transition


15. September 2020 13:39

The Parliament has approved the funding planned by the Federal Council for research on the energy transition in full. The proposed term was shortened from 2032 to 2028 by the National Council and Council of States. 136.4 million francs are now available for the so-called Sweet program (Swiss Energy Research for the Energy Transition) for energy research. In addition, there are 11.9 million francs in expenses for personnel and enforcement. The total costs for Sweet come to 148.3 million francs. The money should come from the budget for education and research, where savings have to be made elsewhere.

Consortia from universities, non-profit institutions, private individuals, cities and municipalities or state-affiliated companies could apply for the program, according to the Press release of parliament. The focus of the Sweet program is on user-oriented research on energy efficiency, avoiding greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, renewable energies, energy storage and networks.

The security of critical energy infrastructures is also a subject of research. Further topics are socio-economic or socio-psychological questions in connection with the energy transition. The program runs as part of the Energy Strategy 2050. gba

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