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The school year started barely 10 days ago but there are already 524 classes and 32 schools closed because of several cases of coronavirus. Parents are forced to adapt but the situation is difficult. “Closing 9 classes for a Covid case is, in our opinion, abusive“, judges a young mother of a family. Opinion shared by a father:”The choice that has been made is to consider that all the children are contact cases, therefore 225 children. It is completely astounding.

But the government has already announced that if a school, nursery or college is closed, parents will be able to obtain a replacement income. More specifically, private sector employees will receive the Partial unemployment (84% of net salary) and the self-employed will be entitled to daily allowances. For civil servants, special absences are provided. Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson, however, relativized the closures of 32 schools: “This corresponds to 0.05% of establishments.

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