Paralyzed dog runs like the wind on its wheels on Crosby Beach and ‘it’s so fast you can’t catch it’

It has been described that a paralyzed dog runs like the wind when in his wheelchair and is so fast that his owner sometimes has a hard time keeping up.

Jack Russell was injured in an accident in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped him from living life to the fullest.

Scrappy, 11, runs on his special wheels and is often so fast ‘you can’t catch him’.

Despite not being able to jump and cartwheel like he used to, Scrappy is a “happy, jolly, playful dog” and his favorite thing to do is tour Crosby Beach.

Runcorn resident owner Amy Smith, 37, got Scrappy with her partner Jon, 39, when he was a puppy in 2009.

Speaking to TeamDogs he said: “He was a healthy and energetic little dog.

“When we saw it on the box, the name ‘Scrappy’ from Scooby Doo came to mind, and Jon loved it as much as I did.

“It fit him perfectly.”

Scrappy loved to jump, run, and play with his toys. Then, in 2016, he suffered a sudden accident at the age of six that changed his life forever.

He was playing in the garden on a Sunday night with his brothers, 14-year-old Jack Russell, Toffee, and four-year-old Labradoodle Rocky.

Suddenly Scrappy’s hind leg got weird and he started shaking. My heart sank and my “I had a feeling that something was wrong,” Amy said.

Jon took Scrappy straight to the emergency vet, who said they believed Scrappy had twisted his legs.

“Scrappy was a very nervous dog. He used to do cartwheels and get on and off the bed. That night, I couldn’t jump, so I lay down with him on the floor, ”Amy said.

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After seeing no improvement, Amy took Scrappy to the vet the next morning.

“I suspected Scrappy had broken a disc in his spine, so we went to see a local specialist.”

Further scans and X-rays confirmed the ruptured disc.

“We were told that there was a chance that Scrappy would never regain sensation in his hind legs.”

There was a heartbreaking possibility that Scrappy would never walk again.

“They gave us the. The summary ends.

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