Paola, dead because lgbt. The brother: “I wanted to teach her a lesson, she was infected”


I wanted to teach her a lesson, not kill her. But it had been infected. According to reports, Michele Antonio Gaglione, arrested for the death of his sister Maria Paola in Naples, told the carabinieri. Initially he was responsible for personal injury, death as a result of another crime and private violence, but his position worsened and the 30-year-old ended up in jail for manslaughter and private violence aggravated by homophobia.

The young man chased his sister and trans partner (biologically female but who identifies as a man and known by a male name) for several minutes, searching with kicks to make them fall from the scooter on the run, then in a curve, the vehicle with the two girls on board, struck by the fury of the young man, lost adherence going astray; Maria Paola ended up on an irrigation hose and died. The friend, who has been calling himself Ciro for some time, was luckier because he ended up on the pavement without hitting any obstacles, and is now hospitalized. According to what was reconstructed by the investigators, these are the last moments of the 20-year-old’s life Gaglione, died in the night between Friday and Saturday; the brother, unemployed, resident in the Parco Verde di Caivano (Naples), who after having rammed the girls and led them out of the way, also slammed on Ciro beating him, while his sister was now dead, he was arrested shortly after.

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