Palinuro, girl rescued by a lifeguard dog

In Palinuro, a fifteen-year-old was saved by two lifeguard dogs while he was drowning in the waters of Cilento. Due to the strong currents, the young woman was dragged offshore. Rescue was immediately taken, the unfortunate was saved by Labradors Igor and Luna, of the “Italian School for Rescue Dogs”, who have been contributing to monitoring the coast of Palinuro for years.

These days in Palinuro there are six dog units divided into three security posts, with the coordination of the coast guard and the municipal administration led by the mayor Stanziola. When it comes to rescue dogs it is not just a question of breed but above all of training. You need a physical conformation suitable for a possible transport, the towing ability, they must be strong and support the person to be rescued. In the Nordic regions they must be well supplied with hair, because the equipment is not always sufficient to protect them from cold water, therefore we rely on breeds such as the Newfoundlands that have a double coat of hair. Dogs are subjected to rescue tests up to two years of age. There are two types of aquatic training for dogs, recreational and operational. And it is really true that the dog is man’s best friend, among those used to save lives, smell illicit substances and find them and those used for pet therapy.

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