Palermo, the body of a young man in Capo Gallo. The hypothesis: he fell while climbing

A 23-year-old Polish youth, his initials KK, was found dead last night in Palermo on the rocks of Capo Gallo, in the stretch near the lighthouse. To see the body, wedged between the rocks, just before 20.30 was a couple, who gave the alarm to the Harbor Master’s Office. On the spot intervened the soldiers of the coast guard, the firefighters, the mountain rescue and a police car from the Mondello police station, led by Manfredi Borsellino, who coordinates the investigations to reconstruct the dynamics of the tragedy.

In the evening, the public prosecutor on duty authorized firefighters and mountain rescue to recover the body of the young victim from the cliff. Next to the boy, the rescuers found a backpack. The young Pole was dressed in climbing clothing. According to an initial reconstruction, the 23-year-old Pole fell while climbing the wall of Monte Gallo, ending up on the cliff.

The young man’s body was taken with a fire brigade rubber boat to the port of Palermo, where the coroner carried out the first reconnaissance. According to initial assessments, the injuries are compatible with falling from the wall. However, investigators are also investigating other leads.


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