New clandestine party in Las Condes: Attendees beat up Carabineros

A new underground party unfolded in a condominium located in the sector of San Carlos de Apoquindo in the commune of Las Condes. Neighbors reported this meeting to the authorities due to the loud music that came from inside the building. When you get to control the Carabineros officials received kicks and fists from some … Read more

How to switch stereo audio to mono on Samsung phones to listen to music with a headset

Do you usually use your Samsung Galaxy with a single headset? Well, avoid the inconvenience of miss the sounds that circulate only through the opposite channel, the one with the headset you’re not wearing: it’s easy to switch from stereo to mono on your phone. We explain how.

Stereo adds richness to the sound by allowing differentiate audio channels for a more complete sound experience. However, this sound mode has a drawback: when only one earphone is used, the sound that is not circulating through it is no longer heard. But there is a very simple way to convert stereo audio to mono (a single sound channel) if you have a Samsung Galaxy: the Audio Assistant app. Let’s see how to do it.

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I want to give it to that child! Valentine sweets recipe special feature! “Kirapichi February 2021” | J-CAST BOOK Watch

Valentine is coming soon. I want to make various sweets according to the person who gives it, but I don’t know what to make. A recommended book has been published for all such elementary school girls. “Kirapichi February 2021” (Gakken Plus) contains various sweets recipes for Valentine’s Day. The magazine is a character and fashion … Read more

Education must be the top post-COVID priority

When it comes to considering what Quebec will look like after the pandemic, it would seem that the concerns are mainly of an economic nature if we trust the words reported by journalist Hugo Pilon-Larose (“COVID-19: que will be Quebec after? ”*). Gold, in our view, the post-pandemic priority should definitely be education. Indeed, if … Read more

49 faithful and a pastor arrested for “clandestine baptism” at a Florida campsite | National

About 50 people were detained inside an irregular campsite on private property in Florida, where a religious ceremony was also taking place. The Seremi de Salud, meanwhile, began sanitary summaries of the pastor and the owner of the land. A large group of people were arrested in an irregular campsite in the sector of bridge … Read more

Solskjaer has a ‘crazy’ plan for Manchester United ahead of meeting Liverpool again

Manchester United will meet Liverpool again on Sunday (24/1) evening Indonesia time in the FA Cup. Last week, the two teams met in the English Premier League. Ahead of the second match against Liverpool this season, Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave the signal that he had a ‘crazy’ plan to win the match. … Read more

Corona pandemic: How we don’t lose our cohesion

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