Helene Fischer: concert in Bad Gastein postponed again – which is now planned

Helene Fischer postponed a concert on March 26th for another year. Image: www.imago-images.de / sp Situation “currently completely unclear”: Helene Fischer’s big concert postponed again Live concerts, club visits or festivals sound like words from another time, although it wasn’t that long ago. It has been almost a year since public life in Germany, as … Read more

“Islands of plastic rubbish” create environmental disasters in the Balkans – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

With its clear green water, the river Drina flows through the mountains on the border between Bosnia and Serbia. Normally, the river in eastern Bosnia is one of Europe’s gems and attracts paddlers from all over the continent In recent years, Drina has been mutilated plastic and other rubbish. Now the situation is particularly dramatic … Read more

From the Paraná River to the Elbe

February 25, 2021, 9:14 pm Colorful science, personalities Note on the use of image material: The use of image material for the press release is permitted free of charge provided the source is named. The images may only be used in connection with the content of this press release. If you need the image in … Read more

Fernanda Maciel case: Lawyer expects Felipe Rojas to “confess everything he did”

What happened? During the afternoon of this Thursday he came to testify before the Public Ministry Felipe Rojas, the only person charged with the murder of Fernanda Maciel. To carry out the procedure, the prosecutor in charge of the case also met, Patricia varas, of the North Central Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office. What did Fernanda’s family … Read more

Xi Jinping proclaimed victory in China’s fight against extreme poverty

The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, declared today that the country has completed its titanic task of eradicating extreme poverty, one of the president’s star projects since he came to power, after lifting 98.99 million people out of poverty in the last eight years. “Today we solemnly declare (…) a complete success in the fight against … Read more

Granholm confirmed as US Secretary of Energy

The United States Senate confirmed on Thursday the appointment of Jennifer Granholm as Secretary of Energy, a key position to fulfill President Joe Biden’s promise to target a green economy to combat climate change. The vote was 64-35 in favor of the former Michigan governor. Fourteen Republicans, including bloc leader Mitch McConnell, voted in favor. … Read more

The recipe for black grape jam

The black grapes it is very rich in nutritional properties, water, carbohydrates and sugars, and contains a high amount of vitamins and fiber. Like grapes in general, it has antioxidant and anticancer properties and is perfect for jam. Thanks to its qualities, in fact, we will have sweet jars that can be used throughout the … Read more