Biden elects Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education | U.S

President-elect Joe Biden elected Connecticut Commissioner of Education and Public School Advocate Miguel Cardona as his Secretary of Education. The election fulfills Biden’s promise to nominate someone with a background in public education and his goal of appointing an education incumbent whose position contrasts with that of Secretary Betsy DeVos. Unlike DeVos, who Biden claims … Read more

Happy New Year will be congratulated on the streets of Magadan residents. Mini-concerts will be shown in the courtyards

Today, December 23 Loading… – on Boldyreva street, 5a – at 13.30; – in the park of 3 microdistricts – at 14.10. On December 28, from 11.30 am, 4 concerts will take place for the collectives of Magadan hospitals – the regional, children’s infectious diseases hospital, an infectious diseases hospital (“Vzmorye”), and the regional children’s … Read more

Before Razov on Memo Ochoa: “He pretended as if he had been shot with a rifle” | CONCACAF Champions Sports

In the first instance, the LAFC assistant spoke on the Sam’s Army podcast about the incident between the Mexican goalkeeper and Eduard Atuesta. “We came to the game with great confidence, we started playing very well… and the first time they crossed the half court they got a corner kick and scored. That was perhaps … Read more

In the middle of Graefelfing – Lol after midnight – District of Munich

When people cannot sleep at night, they come up with the most absurd ideas. For example, getting up. Of course, it can also be very practical if all the laundry is ironed at dawn. It would also be a good idea to do the tax return. If you have friends who live in a different … Read more

How do you win a baseball game?

Baseball is one of the most suitable sports for people of all ages to do. From small children to older adults they can dabble in this discipline, when they decide to do so. But as in everything, there are certain things and certain information that you should know before starting to practice it. One of … Read more

The recipe for the Kitsy Yule log with Manjari chocolate

QS TANARIVA 33% Make the whipped ganache, syrup and shortbread. Montage : Spread 400 g of Viennese biscuit per 40 x 60 cm baking sheet and bake at 180 ° C for about 6 minutes in a ventilated oven. Once cooked and cooled, cut the biscuit into two 52 x 18 cm strips. Soak each … Read more

ONLINE LIVE: Where and how to see Millionaires vs. Pereira, for the Liguilla 2020 by internet and streaming or by TV

Goal brings you all the information on how to follow this match for the Liguilla Final. The road to the 2021 South American Cup begins for Millonarios with this second chance that the Liguilla gives them, despite being on the sidelines of the title dispute. Millionaires vs. Pereira: summoned, starters and substitutes Against Pereira, Albiazul … Read more