Application for Canadian scholarship

The regional directorate of Canadian foreign scholarships and the secretary of state for study and research at Université Laval are launching a call for applications for 700 scholarships for Canadian studies, for the academic year 2020 – 2021. These scholarships, created to facilitate the immigration of students from European, extra-European, developing or third world countries, … Read more

how to get vaccinated in Miami-Dade and Broward counties – Telemundo Miami (51)

The vaccine against COVID-19 has been officially being put in the state of Florida for a month. If you, a family member or friend is 65 or older, or a front-line healthcare worker, you have the highest priority to receive the coronavirus injection. If you meet the criteria to receive the vaccine and you reside … Read more

Can a doctor prescribe Subutex off-label?

A family doctor would like to prescribe Subutex to a pain patient. The patient is not addicted. The treating clinic tried several therapy options and Subutex was ultimately the only working option. Our question now is: Can the doctor prescribe Subutex off-label and, if so, what information is required on the BtM prescription? answer There … Read more

112 FEFU students apply for Tele2 scholarships

Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, continues to develop the scholarship program under an agreement with the Far East federal university. This year, more than 100 university students apply for the company’s scholarship. Tele2 has been implementing a motivational program for FEFU students for the fourth year in a row. Full-time students in the direction of … Read more

Home cockatoo

Kakadu Update# 168 Tell me what your name is Johanna is a girl’s name. Sure, there’s an A in the back! But what about Andrea? Is it still that clear? In this episode, Fabian talks to the name researcher Jürgen Udolph about female and male first names. Attention, snoopers# 167 What does a detective do? … Read more

The dual education system: the experience of Switzerland – Osvita.UA

Swiss teenagers have the opportunity to study at the same time at the desk and in production For the absence of youth unemployment in the country, Switzerland should thank its so-called “dual system” of education. What it is? What are its features? On the Ukrainian lands within the Russian Empire, such a system existed: it … Read more