Experts: Political debate about Islamic education damages its quality

FRANKFURT / MAIN. In the opinion of scholars at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, political debates largely hide the positive effects of teaching Islam. On the other hand, empirical classroom support is hardly noticed. Islam lessons are an important tool for integration (symbol photo). Photo: Shutterstock Religious education is the only school subject that is anchored in … Read more

Roquefort pancakes recipe

Preparation 1 Preheat the oven to 220 ° C. 2 Pour 100 g of flour and ¼ teaspoon of salt in a terrine. Add the whole eggs. 3 Stir with a wooden spoon to have a smooth paste. 4 Gradually add 1 and ½ glass of milk and 1 knob of previously melted butter. Mix … Read more

A musician from Melle brings the cello to his audience

A very private concert: For Jenny Doesken, the Melle cellist Willem Schulz played a precious instrument with a special history. Petra Ropers Melle. The culture stands still. Concerts or exhibitions? Nothing! Self-employed artists have been banned from performing for months. The Mell musician and composer Willem Schulz is now bringing music to people’s homes. He … Read more

ZUPdeCO launches into online tutoring

SUBSCRIBERS ZUPdeCO, the school support association that pioneered the Devoirs Faits system set up by the government, has just launched, a free online platform to support students from working-class neighborhoods. Another instrument in favor of equal opportunities. ZUPdeCO, the school support association that pioneered the Devoirs Faits system set up by the government, has … Read more

Ginger Water hashtag on Twitter

Rice recipe, galiieo pro recipes today, grilled duck weaver, sushi rice mirin, low carb recipes fuu person, edeka kochstudio, ginger water schuhbeck recipe. The end of innocence or How Schuhbeck drove me into the valley of tears. You should be ashamed of yourself, Herr Schuhbeck. I’ve already found some good recipes, and he can always … Read more

Filomena Temporary: Socialist mayors criticize Díaz Ayuso preventing the return to classrooms on Monday | Madrid

The socialist mayors of some of the main cities of Madrid criticize that the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, formed by PP and Cs, does not allow students from the 1,083 educational centers that on Thursday had overcome the Filomena storm without apparent damage, according to data from the regional executive. With the reincorporation to … Read more

The unusual recipe for the French omelette in the style of Dabiz Muñoz 17 January, 2021

This Dabiz Muñoz-style French omelette recipe is a classic and versatile favorite. Fill with cheese and combine by adding cooked vegetables of your choice. FRENCH OMELETTE IN THE STYLE OF DABIZ MUÑOZ Ingredients: 5 Chalots 1 Chistorra A glass of Asturian cider 3 eggs preferably free-range Grated cheese Brioche bread or the one of preference … Read more

On January 21, the music from the film “Interstellar” will be embodied in the greenhouse of the 14th pavilion of VDNKh

Melodies by the author of mesmerizing soundtracks to the fantastic epic Christopher Nolan about the choking Earth, space flights and paradoxes of time – one of the greatest film composers of our time, Hans Zimmer, Oscar winner, two-time Golden Globe winner, three-time Grammy laureate among plants. Zimmer’s original compositions will be reimagined for a unique … Read more