The Mexican billionaire boss who was celebrating by letting his employees die of Covid

If there were Olympic games of cynicism and managerial irresponsibility, Mexican Ricardo Salinas Pliego, billionaire and 166th largest fortune in the world, could claim the highest place on the podium. As Buzzfeed relates, while the businessman was partying on his giant yacht and loudly letting it be known, his covidoscepticism and his public refusal to … Read more

Adam Nourou: Adam Nourou: how to star in a movie almost accidentally and end up nominated for a Goya | Actuality | ICON

Interview the very young Adam Nourou just seen Adú (Salvador Calvo, 2020) is, to say the least, disconcerting. After witnessing the pain content that he has managed to impress on Massar, his character in the film, meeting a laughing boy with the appearance of a sympathetic rogue is the last thing to be expected. More … Read more

More employment of women in the MINT area as a recipe against the shortage of skilled workers: This is how women work in Dortmund

The labor market for women has developed positively in recent years. However, the 2020 pandemic has also left its mark and construction sites remain. The greater consideration of women, especially in technical professions, is a recipe against the shortage of skilled workers. Statement by Heike Bettermann, head of the Dortmund Employment Agency:“In many professions in … Read more

The Odeón Awards surprise with the winner of the award for ‘Best Direct’

Nacho serrano Updated:04/03/2021 13:24h Keep The organizing committee of the Odeon Awards has awarded the first of the 23 prizes planned for this second edition. Manuel Carrasco has been in charge of unveiling, through social networks, the Odeón 2021 Award for Best Direct. Distinguished last year with the same trophy, he is one of the artists … Read more

FINANCIAL EDUCATION WORKSHOPS (Tomorrow) Tickets, Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 11:00 AM

Learn how to Manage, Save, Grow and Protect your money. The National Financial Education Campaign has the mission of financially educating 30 million families by the year 2030, but we need your help. DO NOT FILL YOURSELF WITH NEGATIVE INFORMATION AT THESE MOMENTS WITH SO MANY NEWS THAT ONLY STEAL YOUR ENERGY … BETTER I … Read more

Australia: Young parents, they are both doomed by cancer

Posted5 mars 2021, 06:21 A Briton and his Australian wife learned four months apart that they were terminally ill with cancer. Adam Graveley and his wife Caitlin are going through an unbearable ordeal. Based in Perth (Western Australia), the 38-year-old Briton and his Australian wife, one year older, have learned, in turn, terrible news. In … Read more

Shopkeeper for second time in a short time victim of ram raid: ‘New facade was just in’

‘Your heart is sinking. And the sense of entrepreneurship too, ‘he continues. ‘The new facade had just been completed for a week. Upon arrival, I saw great havoc. Leave me alone! ”He calls out. “You have no idea what you’re doing!” The fashion shop was also destroyed by brute force on January 8 this year. … Read more