Pacma asks to focus on the animal suffering caused by all livestock – News

The Pacma Animalist Party has claimed to put animal suffering at the center of the open political and social debate around macro-farms because, in its opinion, it is inherent in all types of livestock, regardless of its “intensive or extensive” label.

“The end of all animals exploited on farms is the slaughterhouse, something incompatible with their well-being,” Pacma stressed in a statement, in which he denounced that Spain is “involved in a process of industrialization of livestock without control” and has criticized that the debate has focused only on the environmental impact and the quality of the meat.

In 2020 there were 87,540 registered livestock farms in Spain, compared to 218,110 in 1999, and despite this decrease, 15 million more pigs were killed and 95% came from large farms, according to Pacma.

“These animals suffer high levels of stress, especially due to overcrowding and high densities, especially in pig and poultry farming,” stressed the animalist party, which has pointed out that these harmful situations would be reduced by providing more space.

However, as adding space for the animals is more expensive, to prevent them from harming each other, cutting of tails and beaks or filing of fangs is practiced, “mutilations carried out on many occasions by unqualified personnel”.

Another consequence of overcrowding in industrial farms is the ease of contagion of viral or bacterial diseases and the presence of animals with heart problems, arthritis, abscesses or hernias is also common because weight gain prevails in the shortest possible time to obtain more meat benefit.

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