Owen Wilson banned from backstage at Rolling Stones concerts


OopsOwen Wilson banned from backstage at Rolling Stones concerts

The actor had received a lifetime pass which he was revoked after just 24 hours.

Owen Wilson had to return sesame after making a mistake.

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During an appearance on “The Late Late Show” this week, Owen Wilson recounted receiving a lifetime pass to the Rolling Stones tours as a gift. “I went to see them in Argentina,” he told host James Corden. I was kind of friends with some members of the band, and my friend was very good pals with Mick Jagger. And we had these special passes to access everywhere, which were valid forever.

He added that he was “very excited” to use his backstage pass because his first concert was with the Rolling Stones in 1980. So he decided to test the limits of the pass: “I’m going to walk around here and see if someone stops me. No one was telling me anything anywhere, he continued. I found myself in this place where I could see Mick Jagger on stage.

Eventually, Owen Wilson strayed too far from where the pass allowed him to stand. “All of a sudden Mick Jagger comes running towards me during ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ and it turns out I was kinda on stage,” he recalled. So I froze and tried to be inconspicuous… And then someone came shouting, “Get out of here! Get out! You’re not supposed to be here!”

After apologizing and returning home, he received a call ‘the next morning from Mick’ Jagger’s security team’, in which he was told, ‘Do you have that laminated pass?… We’re coming look for him.”

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