Overwhelmed by a car while walking with the dog, the teacher Beatrice Ubaldi dies at the age of 51. The animal also died

Killed while walking the dog. Beatrice Ubaldi, a 51-year-old teacher, originally from Urbino, was hit by a Fiat Panda in via Piratsu, on the SS 198 on the outskirts of Tortoli, while she was out and about with her pet, also killed in the impact devastating.

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Betarice Ubaldi killed by a car: died after two hours of agony

The woman died immediately after the arrival of the rescuers, who for almost two hours tried to revive her in vain. The dog that the woman was holding on a leash at the time was crushed by the front wheel of the car. On the spot for the reliefs the men of the Strdale Police and the Tortolì police station who are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident. The agents questioned the driver of the car who is now under investigation for road murder. The man would have braked for a long time when he noticed the woman and the dog, unfortunately without being able to dodge them. He will be subjected to the appropriate tests to see if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Beatrice Ubaldi worked as a teacher in near the municipality of Lotzorai. The Mayor of the town where the woman worked wanted to express her closeness and condolences to the relatives of the victim, through a post on the profile of the municipality: «The Mayor and the Municipal Administration participate astonished in the pain of the Melis Ubaldi family for the tragic death of Professor Beatrice, adored by her pupils from the primary school of Lotzorai and highly esteemed by her parents, leaves an indelible memory».

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