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[The Epoch Times, December 08, 2022]Sponsored by the Los Angeles Art Alliance Lions Club and organized by the Rowland Heights Lions Club, the “Walk with Love” anti-cancer charity concert was held at the Overseas Chinese Cultural and Educational Service Center in Los Angeles on the afternoon of December 3 , and invited Zeng Shuqin, the original singer of Lu Binghua’s gold award song, and Wang Ruiyu, the prince of folk songs, to fly from Taipei to perform a charity performance to raise funds for cancer patients.

On December 3, 2022, Zeng Shuqin performed at the charity performance of the Overseas Chinese Cultural and Educational Service Center in Los Angeles. (provided by the organizer)

In 2018, Tang Shuhui, the planner of the concert, began to pay attention to the group of cancer patients. With the encouragement of Hu Anying, a sister of the Lions Club, she decided to hold an anti-cancer charity performance in Los Angeles regularly every year. The money raised by the charity event will be used to support low-income cancer patients. She is very grateful to all the companies and friends who have donated to the family companionship grant and research to improve the survival rate of cancer patients.

Hu Anying, who also planned the event, said that the smooth progress of the “Walk with Love” concert was due to the support of all members of the Lions Club of the Los Angeles Art League, and the sponsorship and encouragement of many companies. She said: “The real purpose of holding this event is to give loving help to cancer friends on their fearful and difficult journey to fight cancer, and to inspire more friends who are fighting against cancer.”

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The event received strong support and sponsorship from the overseas Chinese community in Los Angeles. Co-organizers: Yu Renhao, member of the Lions Club of Rowland Hills; Zhang Zhengyu, deputy director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles; District Director Lv Zhengda, Vice President of Shihua Chen Linghua, and former President of Canadian Taiwan Federation Xie Chuanzuo made speeches successively. In their speeches, they spoke highly of President Tang Shuhui’s dedication to love while fighting cancer and overcoming the disease, reminding all sectors of the society to pay attention to and support the great love spirit of cancer patients.

Jiang Ruiying, Zhao Yunmei, Lu Shihao, Hu Zhangyanyan, Wu Zhengzhong, Ye Yilan, Tong Yi, Lin Mali, Qin Lisheng, Fang Xiaowei, Zheng Yiwei, Pei Yingqi, Guo Kaiqi, Cen Wenjiezhi, Gu Sijia, Hou Weiyue, Huang Meiyue, You Huiling, Yang Shihui and others in Los Angeles The local gentry and ladies all attended the event that day. ◇

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