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Mr. Shibata (right) holding a solo exhibition at Bansui Gallery in Sendai.Chatting with visitors in front of the work

The solo exhibition “ZOO 2022” by Shigenori Shibata (47), a Western-style painter based in Ishinomaki City, opened on the 20th at Bansui Gallery in Kokubuncho, Aoba Ward, Sendai City. He expresses what he is now after 20 years as a painter through his various works of about 50 points. Conversation with visitors is lively, creating a place for cultural exchange like an art salon.

In his solo exhibition, he created representational and abstract paintings expressing the sadness of the animals he felt at the zoo (ZOO) that he went to with his two-year-old daughter last fall, and the impression that humans live in cages called society. In addition to oil paintings, he also creates cutouts and ceramic works, demonstrating his versatility. He also exhibits croquis that convey the warm atmosphere of his family, and still life paintings of fresh apples and pomegranates. It is a solo exhibition that is both fun to look at and thought-provoking.

Mamoru Nakao (57), an office worker who met Shibata after the Great East Japan Earthquake, rushed from Tokyo on the second day of the solo exhibition. He said, “Abstract paintings cannot be understood at first glance, but they stimulate the imagination,” he said, looking at each piece with great interest.

Shibata, who has reached the milestone of 20 years, said, “I have always pursued expression as an artist, but I experienced the earthquake and now I am living in the corona disaster. What I have noticed is the importance of connections between people. I believe that art has that power, and I hope that my solo exhibition in Sendai will serve as an opportunity.”

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The session is until the 25th. The opening hours are from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (until 5:00 pm on the last day). free entrance. Contact Bansui Gallery 022 (713) 6230.

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