Outstanding Lingnan students awarded AIA Scholarship, Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship and HSBC Scholarship – Lingnan Youth Achievement – Issue 128 – Lingnan Pulse

Second-year undergraduates Chen Yunheng (social science), Lin Yaojiang (Data Science), Wong Wan Man (Chinese) and Zhang Xueying (Social Science) are the winners of the “Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship 2022” for their outstanding academic performance, good character, outstanding leadership skills and enthusiasm for participating in social affairs.

Photo: (From left) Professor Cheng Guohan, President of Lingnan University, Chen Yunheng, Lam Yiu-kong, Wong Wan-man and Hong Kong Jockey Club Director Dr. Li Jiaxiang.

First-year undergraduates Tan Shanxuan (Cultural Studies), Zheng Jiaxi (Global Sustainability), Chen Weizong (Risk and Insurance Management) and Su Qianhui (Cultural Studies) were awarded the 2021/22 AIA Scholarships by AIA in recognition of their excellence Academic achievement and extensive social service experience.

AIA Scholarship

In addition, Rukayya Bibi (Grade 4, Contemporary English Language and Literature), Ng Zhiyin (Grade 4, Department of Cultural Studies), and Ying Lei (Grade 2, Department of Social Sciences) were awarded the HSBC Award for their outstanding academic performance and participation in community service and extracurricular activities. HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship”. Chen Yaqiao (Year 4 Contemporary English Language and Literature) was awarded the “HSBC Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship”, which encourages Hong Kong university students to explore development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

HSBC Scholarship

Photo: (From left) Lingnan University’s Acting Director of Student Affairs, Ms Wang Lizhu, HSBC Group Corporate Sustainability Group Future Skills Global Director, Mr Chiu Chih Fai, and Chen Yaqiao attended the “HSBC Think Tank Day 2022”.

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