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Chutian Metropolis Daily News, January 14 (Reporter Guoqian, Correspondent Dang Botao) On January 13, the establishment of the “Yusi Students” Scholarship and the “Principal Award” Scholarship Donation Ceremony of the School of Foreign Languages ​​of Central China Normal University were held. Leder Menghao, the winner of the 2020 “Principal Award”, gave a bonus of 10,000 yuan, and Pat, the winner of the 2019 “Principal Award”, gave a bonus of 2,500 yuan to form a “Student of Language Thinking” scholarship to encourage students and students.

Donation ceremony site

Two “Principal Award” winners and “Yu Si Scholar” scholarship donors respectively shared their original intention of donation. Lude Menghao said that this year is his 7th year of studying at the Foreign Languages ​​Institute. The college has special emotions for him. The teachers and students who came to the college have given him a lot of encouragement and help. Donate 10,000 yuan in scholarships to establish the “Yu Si Xue Zi” scholarship, and hope that through the establishment of the “Y Si Xue Zi” scholarship, more students will be encouraged to work hard and develop comprehensively.

Pat video thanks academy

Due to the epidemic, Pat recounted his education experience in the Chinese Normal University through video recording, and was grateful for the education and training of the college. The tutor Professor Wei Jiahai’s patient guidance in academics, and the care and help given by the leaders and teachers in life made him feel the warmth of the Chinese teacher in a foreign country. He said that winning the “Principal Award” was an unexpected gain, and hoped to contribute a modest contribution to the development of the college through donations.

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Professor Luo Lianggong, the dean of the School of Foreign Languages, expressed his gratitude to the two students for their donations in the summary, and affirmed the far-reaching intention of the “Students of Linguistics” scholarship mechanism, which is the embodiment of the Chinese teachers’ fraternity spirit passed on by the students of the Chinese Normal University, and proposed in the future work , It is necessary to strictly select the selection criteria, make good use of every scholarship, and let it play the greatest role and strength.

According to reports, the “Yu Si Xue Zi” comes from a message from Mr. Zhang Kaiyuan’s “Language Master, Thought Banner Bearer, and Action Pioneer” from Mr. Zhang Kaiyuan. The “Yu Si Xue Zi” scholarship is the highest postgraduate scholarship set by the School of Foreign Languages ​​and aims to commend the college. Develop collectives or individuals of graduate students who have made outstanding contributions, and encourage students from other schools to be positive and comprehensive.

The School of Foreign Languages ​​of the school encourages and encourages the majority of alumni and graduate students to continue to donate for the “Students of Language Thinking” scholarship based on their actual conditions and within their capacity, to carry forward and inherit the warm-hearted spirit of philanthropy from Chinese teachers, and to form “student mutual assistance” , A community of growth and development with the support of hospitality members.

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