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“If dogs could read, they would greet the new hiking brochure” Wäller Pfoten Pfade “with enthusiastic barking,” writes the Montabaur community in a press release. The brochure describes 13 hiking trails in the southern Westerwald from the point of view of hikers with dogs, supplemented by numerous “Wau tips”, which range from refreshment stops to veterinarians in the region. The booklet is now available free of charge from Tourist Information (TI) Montabaur.

May 30, 2021, 12:15 p.m.

Now it is here: the hiking brochure “Wäller Pfoten Pfade”. The initiators Martina Züngel-Hein (left with Raban dog) and Karin Maas, Head of Tourist Information Montabaur, are happy when many two- and four-legged hikers take advantage of the new offer.

Photo: VG Montabaur / Ingrid Ferdinand

“With the Wäller Pfoten Pfaden we have closed a gap in the market,” says Karin Maas, head of the TI, happily. There are many inquiries about hiking with a dog that have not yet been served. “So we checked our existing hiking trails for paw suitability.”

Now two and four-legged friends can look forward to individual fun hiking in various levels of difficulty. The selected tours are between 4 and 22 kilometers long, twelve circular routes and one long hike are described.

So-called “Wau-Tips” draw attention to sights, refer to places to stop for a break, show the animal owners places that are suitable for romping and playing with their four-legged friends, and warn of danger spots. Should there ever be an emergency, there is a list with the addresses of veterinarians in the region.

Martina Züngel-Hein, co-initiator of the “Wäller Pfoten Pfade”, says: “In principle, every healthy dog ​​can go hiking. You have to consider the condition of people and animals and plan appropriate breaks. ”The experienced dog owner knows what she is talking about. Step by step she brought hiking closer to her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and herself. She recommends an emergency kit that should definitely be carried in your luggage when hiking. The packing list for this can also be found in the brochure.

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After that, according to the press release, nothing stands in the way of hiking fun and you can start. The paths lead over hill and dale, run cross-country and sometimes overcome a few meters in altitude. The views that open up to the hiker are wonderful and not even locals know them all. “The hiking experiences bring people, animals and nature into harmony,” Maas is convinced.

“We are happy to be able to offer this hiking guide.” Martina Züngel-Hein’s internet blog www.hunde-reisen-mehr.com provides information in advance. The enthusiastic hiker has walked all the routes and tested them several times for dog suitability. She appeals to dog owners not to let their animals run free everywhere.

Especially in the breeding and setting season from April to July, birds and wild animals in the forest and in the fields can feel disturbed by dogs running freely. After all, the hiking experience for humans and dogs should not be at the expense of nature.

The brochure “Wäller Pfoten Pfade” is available free of charge from the Tourist Info at the Great Market in Montabaur. Contact: phone 02602/950 27 80, E-Mail an tourismus@montabaur.de


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