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Slight jostling this week on the screens. You will have to clear up your schedules, it would be a shame to miss Laetitia, the adaptation by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade of the book by Ivan Jablonka, or Ratched, Ryan Murphy’s latest dark and flamboyant production for Netflix. On the OCS side, The Third Day features Jude Law exiled on an island of disturbing folklore, while on Arte, No Man’s land plunges Félix Moati and Mélanie Thierry into the Syrian hell.

“Laetitia”: the young girl, men and death

The thread of Laetitia Perrais’s life was cut off on the night of January 18 to 19, 2011 by Tony Meilhon, who strangled and dismembered her. She was 19. From the book that Ivan Jablonka dedicated to this destiny – Laetitia or the end of men, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade made a fiction, thus taking a series of considerable risks.

This temerity bears fruit, by dint of rigor and discernment. The horror of crime is everywhere, except in the pictures. The distribution of roles which mixes new faces (Marie Colomb and Sophie Breyer, who play Laetitia and her twin Jessica) and familiar faces (Sam Karmann, the head of the foster family of the two young girls, Kevin Azaïs, their biological father) guides with confidence the viewer towards these characters who were or still are people.

The rigor of the staging and the narration ends up making Laetitia a rare moment, both formidable and accessible, capable of opening our eyes to the threat weighing on women. Thomas Sotinel

« Laetitia », series created by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. With Sophie Breyer, Marie Colomb, Kevin Azaïs, Sam Karmann, Noam Morgensztern, Clotilde Mollet (France, 2020, 6 x 45 min). France 2, 2 x 3 episodes on Mondays September 21 and 28 at 9:05 p.m., in full on France.tv from September 18.

“The Third Day”: terror on the island

Connoisseurs of British horror will immediately recognize the starting point of a classic of the genre, The Wicker Man, by Robin Hardy: a foreigner (played here by Jude Law) ends up on an island off the British coast (Osea, east of London), where the population continues, in defiance of successive conquests, to sacrifice to ancient Celtic rites .

The episodic form allows the authors to move away from the original. The Third Day is divided into two seasons, summer and winter. In the second, a woman (Naomie Harris) walks over her husband’s bruises. This structure should be completed with a transition episode, performed live and in public from London on October 7.

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