“Our school must evolve on strong and intrinsic values ​​… We must draw the consequences of the 1st wave for …”

Having an efficient education system that complies with the rules, norms and values ​​that we have always known remain the concerns of education stakeholders, particularly those of civil society. It is indeed the executive director of the coalition of synergies for the defense of education who will take stock of this project, which has been fueled in the education sector for a few days.

In an interview with Dakaractu, the executive director of Cosydep will be in tune with other trade unionists who believe that “this project to introduce sex education” has no place in the Senegalese education system. “We must have our sovereignty in education. Our values, realities and customs do not allow us to embrace this project in any way.” Also, Cheikh Mbow will let it be known that Senegal has the right to follow its own agenda like any other international organization or institution.

It is true that in education, mutual support between states is quite normal, however, each country will have to respect the standards of alignment with the values ​​and realities of each country.

Cheikh Mbow will therefore evoke the pressing question of the national basis for education and training, while considering that it is the best option to settle globally and definitively several equations on the education system.

The second point mentioned in the interview is the upsurge in covid-19 cases noted since December and which does not exclude exposed students. Indeed, expressing his concern about this second wave, the executive director of Cosydep considers it imperative to increase health warfare efforts: “The School must survive this pandemic. 4 million learners are not a reduced number “, considers the director Cheikh Mbow.

Thus, for this second wave, it will be necessary to analyze the fight in several areas: it is necessary to provide the school with substantial equipment to better cope with the pandemic, also to follow up in the field to ensure the proper execution of the distribution of sanitary equipment. We also need the support of the State of Senegal, even if, underlines Cheikh Mbow, “we must be pleased with these 5 million masks already announced”.

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However, it is necessary for the executive director of Cosydep to learn the lessons of the first wave to better manage this news that we are facing. It is therefore clear that the school will have to permanently abandon these primary questions such as the lack of toilets, water, insecurity etc …


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