Our city explores the “one-stop” processing of dog raising registration, so that people can run less

Our city explores the “one-stop” processing of dog raising registration, so that people can run less

Three consecutive illegal dog-raising behaviors have been included in the “blacklist”

2022-06-24 11:44:52Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the 23rd, Yang Youwei, director of the Office of the Leading Group for Restricting Dog Raising in Xi’an, reported to the inspection team of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress on the work of restricting dog breeding in our city. It is reported that our city has introduced a “blacklist” system, and those who have three consecutive illegal dog-raising behaviors will be included in the “blacklist” as a key management object.

Increase regulations to publicize dog-related complaints and decrease month-on-month

In recent years, in accordance with the rectification requirements put forward by the inspection team of the Municipal People’s Congress, the leading group of Xi’an City Restricting Dog Raising has increased the publicity of the “Regulations on Restricting Dog Raising in Xi’an” to enhance the public’s awareness and participation in the regulations. The urban two-level breeding restriction office extended the civilized dog breeding publicity coverage to more than 900 units and communities, and carried out a total of 266 various “law popularization” publicity activities. During the period, more than 260,000 copies of publicity materials were posted and distributed, more than 10,000 dog leashes were distributed, and 100,000 people answered public inquiries. At present, the city’s dog-related complaints and reports have decreased by 6.2% compared with that before the rectification.

The city has also organized 8 joint law enforcement actions at the municipal level, confiscating more than 100 stray dogs and large dogs in total, which has played a huge deterrent effect on uncivilized dog raising and promoted the increase of the certificate application rate.

Revocation of business license of illegally traded pet store

In order to help form a standardized and civilized dog raising order, the health department has set up 66 dog injury treatment clinics in the city to ensure that the masses seek medical treatment in a timely manner and build a strong barrier for the safety of the masses. In order to strengthen the “source” control, the public security organs have designated a legal dog trading market to fill the previous gap in the city and form a closed loop of work.

The agricultural department has stepped up its supervision by “passing the sieve” for the city’s 282 animal diagnosis and treatment institutions; the market supervision department has included the city’s pet hotels and pet funerals and other new business formats into the scope of supervision, and has also dealt with the common problems of out-of-scope operation in pet operating institutions. Strict investigation and strict management. Since the beginning of this year, administrative penalties have been imposed on 6 pet stores with illegal transactions, and their business licenses have been revoked. The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced to the whole society 18 harmless treatment sites established in various districts, counties and development zones, and urged stray animal rescue centers and dog shelters in various districts and counties to send dead dogs to designated places for harmless treatment. processing.

The Municipal Support Restriction Office also announced a unified reporting phone number to the whole city. Since the announcement of the phone number, a total of 381 complaints and suggestions from the masses have been received. Aiming at the stubborn malaise of domestic dogs that disturb the people and do not cooperate with law enforcement, the “Notice of Illegal Dog Raising” is printed. While locking the dog owner’s address and informing him at the door, he guides the community, neighborhood committee, and property to cooperate with supervision and forcefully compress dog raising. Space for illegal behavior. The public security organs criticize and educate the dog owners who have violated the rules of dog-raising for the first time, and record them on the record. Those who have violated the dog-raising behavior for three consecutive times will be included in the “blacklist” and will be regarded as key management objects.

Upgraded and renovated 16 dog shelters to enhance the shelter capacity

Our city has also upgraded and renovated the existing 16 dog shelters to enhance the shelter capacity and provide strong support for the restriction work. Effectively use social forces to solve the construction problem of municipal dog shelters in the form of “government-purchased services”. At present, the project has been submitted to the Municipal Finance Bureau for approval and has entered the public bidding stage.

It is reported that at present, although the dog raising registration procedure has been simplified, it involves “agriculture, public security, animal diagnosis and treatment institutions”, and the certificate needs to go through “dog inspection and immunization, on-site registration and certification of dogs, injection of electronic chips” and so on. In addition, in the process of exploring the “one-stop” process, pets are not allowed in all government halls. In this regard, the Municipal Restriction Office will explore a new model of “immunization and chip injection by medical institutions first, and then certification by public security organs” based on in-depth demonstration and selection of pilot projects, so as to effectively prevent the masses from running away.

All Media Reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Takurei

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