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PROSE science is a funding program for worldwide studies abroad, internships and stays for research and research. This scholarship program is administered by the International Affairs Unit.

In the area of ​​internships, the program specifically applies to Research internships at universities or university institutions. If you are doing a company internship, a school internship (except at German schools) or an internship at foundations, associations, NGOs, etc., PROMOS science the right scholarship program for you.

DAAD scholarships

You can find the many different scholarship programs of the DAAD in its scholarship database. The following scholarship programs are particularly suitable for internships abroad:

Scholarship from the Franco-German Youth Office

The Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW) supports subject-related internships in companies or institutions in France that are recognized or urgently recommended by the home university as part of the degree program. For these scholarships, students from all disciplines who apply

  • in a bachelor’s degree or
  • are in the 1st to 6th semester of a course that ends with a state examination.


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