Organizers call for the end of all Corona requirements

The organizers of concerts and trade fairs in Germany are pushing for a quick end to all corona restrictions.

Before the Minister President’s conference on the Corona situation this Wednesday, the Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry called for “immediate and complete opening”. The trade fair industry no longer sees any reason to cancel industry meetings.

“We now have to decide whether our events will take place in the fall or not,” said the president of the federal association, Jens Michow, of the Funke media group (Monday). For many, economic survival depends on it. “Cultural events require advance notice and must be plannable, also for the spectators. They don’t want to buy tickets for concerts with the risk that the three days beforehand will be canceled again.”

No overload for the health system?

Michow called it justifiable that the federal and state governments decided on Wednesday to lift all corona requirements. “We can see that the health system is currently not threatened with overload.” All capacity restrictions, the checking of vaccination certificates at events and the obligation to wear masks would have to be eliminated. “In future, anyone who wants to attend a concert or an event will have to decide for themselves whether they are willing to take the risk of infection,” said Michow.

The revival of trade fair life in all 16 federal states is necessary for the trade fair industry. “And now,” said Philip Harting, Chairman of the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (Auma), the editorial network Germany. “Further weeks of waiting will bring the trade fair industry into even greater fears without any guilt, which will have a profound effect.”



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Trade fairs are “feasible”, emphasized Harting. The trade fair industry has long supported the restrictions in solidarity. “In view of 85 percent double vaccination and 65 percent boosted adults, well-tested hygiene concepts at trade fairs and more and more openings in the countries around us, we have little understanding for helpless politics at the expense of the vast majority,” he added. “Our patience is breaking”. According to Auma, 230,000 jobs in Germany depend on the trade fair industry, 165,000 of which are now at serious risk.

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