Organization and management of education with coaching elements


The aim of studying in the field Organization and management of education with coaching elements consists in preparing the heads of kindergartens, schools of all levels and types, as well as the employees of the supervisory and pedagogical advisory services, for the proper implementation of their professional role in the Polish educational system. The completion of the study is a fulfillment of the formal condition set for this group of educational workers by the Minister of the Ministry.

addressees of the study

The course is primarily aimed at:

  • Teachers who want to apply for the position of director, deputy director, as well as employees of pedagogical supervision, representatives of local and poviat self-governments

Prerequisite for participation in the postgraduate course is:

  • Higher education: bachelor’s, engineering or master’s degree or equivalent;
  • basic computer skills.

Thematic orientation of the course

  • organizational and management theory
  • educational law and labor law
  • educational support
  • Managementpsychologie
  • marketing of educational services
  • quality management
  • negotiations
  • Management of EU-Projects
  • management of an educational institution
  • public procurement
  • final seminar
  • work out

The content developed and its implementation correspond to modern trends in the training of managers. The implementation of the program is based on the use of activating methods combined with the rational use of theoretical content to practical knowledge. This program combines learning through workshops with on-the-job learning (transfer and application of knowledge and skills in practice).

Organization of the study

  • Duration of study 2 semesters
  • The total number of teaching hours is 220 hours
  • Number of ECTS points – 30
  • Form of teaching – teaching takes place entirely online (Zoom platform)
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  • active participation in class
  • passing all exams
  • write a thesis
  • Payment of required tuition fees

Individuals Eligible for Tuition Reduction – Details

The university reserves the right to make minor changes to the program or the organization of congresses.

The start of the course depends on the number of candidates.

The curriculum will be made available upon completion of the recruitment process.

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