Orelsan concert: “He manages to reach people aged 15 to 50″… all generations gathered at the Zénith de Toulouse

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For the second time this year, rapper Orelsan set the stage at the Zénith de Toulouse on fire on Sunday November 20.

Black curtain down, room fully lit, “Best Day” a cappella: this is how Orelsan begins his concert at the Zénith de Toulouse this Sunday evening. Then joined by his musicians, the artist continues and the decor is gradually revealed: a stage forward in the pit, a double screen, smoke, countless light spots.

The rapper is also well known for his directing skills. He won this Friday the NRJ Music Awards for “the best French-speaking tour”. This is what the spectators came to look for. “He is very strong in scenography, it makes you want to come and see him in person”, explains Nicolas.

But it wasn’t just hardcore fans who made the trip. No need to know all the lyrics at your fingertips or to be a rap professional to appreciate the show. “I don’t really listen to Orelsan but I was offered the job, it’s an opportunity to find out”, admits Léo. Same thing for Élisa: “It’s not my favorite artist but my sister has always listened to it so I came with her.”

“An intergenerational artist”

What is striking about the artist’s audience is that no one is alike: children, parents, young people, not so young… everyone is there. “He’s an intergenerational artist”, explains Julien, who came with his family. “He manages to reach people from 15 to 50 years old, I am surprised to see so many mixed generations”, says Benoît, who “took the excuse of accompanying his son to come”.

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“It’s even impressive for a rapper,” says Mathieu. Orelsan is indeed one of the artists who democratize rap. For Amélie, “he speaks on behalf of everyone”, so urban music lover or not, everyone can find their way around. And it is in particular and above all through his texts, sometimes very committed, that Orelsan knows how to federate. “I like the fact that he talks about society in a relaxed way, but always being serious,” says Yanis.

If the rapper played several songs from his latest and fourth album “Civilization”, such as “Dupropre” or “Bébéboa”, he also made great classics. Fans were then able to appreciate “The song of the sirens” or even “Bloqué”, a sound of the group Casseurs Flowters which he formed with Gringe. This Zénith in Toulouse, which was sold out, was the artist’s second in less than a year, an “incredible” event, as he said on stage. His tour continues until next month.

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