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Only available up to version 23.


More about content and conditions …

ORCA TEXT recognizes if you have access to several products; Example:

From version 22 we support:

From version 23.1.0 we also support:. A new, modern user interface – analogous to STLB-Bau online – is available for the selection and transfer of the data.

With you leave the ORCA TEXT application – the dynamic construction data is an independent application!

The contents of the dynamic building data are divided into service areas. There are two ways of creating position texts.

  • By selecting so-called characteristics, you can individually compile the complete text for an STLB-Bau position.
  • Alternatively, you can choose automatic text completion. The position text is created with frequently used characteristics that you can adjust if necessary.


Additional product building norms dictionary: Access the building norms dictionary directly in STLB-Bau. By clicking on the DIN symbol in the texts, you will receive context-specific additional specialist knowledge on relevant sections of the standard from the current DIN, DIN EN and DIN EN ISO.

If the text for the item is complete, you can transfer the item to an item list. You can create further positions and add them to the position list. You then transfer the items in the item list to ORCA TEXT. For items that you design for publication in a catalog on www.ausschreiben.de, you should always only select simple item types that represent a self-contained information unit.

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You edit the others in ORCA TEXT. The button on the tab opens the stand-alone application Dynamic Construction Data again. You can change the characteristics later.


From ORCA TEXT 22, access to the online solution of the dynamic construction data is possible.
You need a user account to access the tender texts. You can purchase the licenses for the individual service packages directly in STLB-Bau Online.

Be vigilant when using positions from various technology sources. In the case of updates in particular, check whether, for example, changed numerical description features have also been correctly adopted.

Use STLB-Bau licenses in the network

When you open the dynamic construction data, a license for STLB-Bau is connected to your ORCA TEXT. For reasons of performance, this license for STLB-Bau remains connected to ORCA TEXT until you close your ORCA TEXT. If you only needed STLB-Bau for a short time for your work, you can then release the STLB-Bau license again by restarting ORCA TEXT. Your colleagues with whom you work in the network will be pleased.


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