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The industry says it is a compensatory rise, and it can be regarded as short-term speculation.

daily business newspaperInformatics will do things, and Musk is definitely the leader. Twitter tweeted “Doge (Dogecoin) barks at the moon”, Dogecoin immediately soared, up 50% on the day; and then tweeted about Tesla’s AI Day will launch Optimus (“Optimus Prime”). ”) prototype, Tesla surged more than 9% that day. Affected by this, the A-share robot sector also set off a daily limit. On June 21, the robot concept sector rose by 1.81% as a whole, outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index (down 0.26%). Individual stocks include Mehe, Shensi Electronics, Great Wheel Intelligence, Galaxy Electronics, 13 concept stocks, including Xinshida, etc., collectively rose by the daily limit. Yesterday, Jingshan Light Machinery, Meher Shares, Xinshida, Great Wheel Intelligence, Taier Shares, etc. still achieved an increase of more than 10%.

Musk’s “Optimus Prime” will appear

Musk said that a prototype of Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus Prime will appear on the Tesla AI Day on September 30. Musk also hinted that the AI ​​Day will be “epic.”

And this news also boosted the rise of robot concept stocks. On June 21, Tesla’s stock price rose by more than 12% during the session, and it rose by more than 9% at the close, close to recovering all the losses since June 9, and closed at $711.110 per share. In addition, the new energy vehicle stocks of Chinese concept stocks also performed well, and the stock prices of Weilai, Lili Auto, and Xiaopeng Motors also rose sharply.

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Musk said that Tesla’s most important product this year is robots, even higher than Tesla cars. If Tesla can complete R&D and production, and if “Optimus Prime” can complete tasks that can only be done by humans at present, it is possible to “completely solve the labor shortage and subvert the existing economic model.” It is worth mentioning that in April this year, Musk said that if Optimus Prime can be mass-produced in the next two years, under the scale effect, the cost of robots is lower than that of cars. . Industry insiders believe that this means that a huge labor market with a scale of more than 50 trillion US dollars (the global automobile market is 3 trillion US dollars) will be occupied by the Musk team, and the most core technical bottleneck – “making robots in the real world”. Autopilot” has been resolved for the first time.

Market Focus on Intelligent Robots

Driven by the news that Tesla’s humanoid robot “Optimus Prime” is about to appear, the market’s attention has also focused on intelligent robots. In fact, two robots have appeared in China recently.

On June 8, Jidu Auto, co-founded by Baidu and Geely, released its first automotive robot concept car, ROBO-01, which endows the car with more technological attributes and humanized concepts, and can truly match the “” future car. Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, said that the era of smart cars 3.0 is the era of automotive robots.

On June 9, Midea Group released its first home service robot product, Xiaowei Robot, which is planned to be mass-produced in the domestic market in the second half of this year. The product includes four core functions – AI housekeeper, home assistant, security guard, and technology playmate, in order to solve some of the pain points of users in home life, and will connect with Midea’s home appliances, and also plans to open up with Huawei’s Hongmeng system.

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In addition, a number of related robot manufacturing companies have recently gone public or obtained financing. On June 20, Runmed Medical passed the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is expected to land on the capital market soon. Once listed, it will become the first domestic stock of vascular interventional surgery robots; Level A+ round of financing. On June 23, Lingyunguang, the leader in machine vision, also officially opened the subscription and landed in A shares.

The A-share robot sector once set off a rising tide

“Optimus Prime” will appear, and the most excited are the A-share shareholders. On June 21, the A-share robot sector set off a daily limit, and the sector rose 1.81% as a whole, outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index (down 0.26%). In terms of individual stocks, 13 concept stocks including Mehe, Shensi Electronics, Great Wheel Intelligence, Galaxy Electronics, Xinshida, etc. collectively rose by their daily limit. Robotics, Baiao Intelligence, Lanying Equipment, and Jintuo shares also rose by more than 10%. %.

In terms of capital, according to data from Flush, on June 21, the robot concept sector attracted 993 million yuan as a whole. Among them, the net inflow of main funds of 40 concept stocks exceeded 10 million yuan, and the net inflow of main funds of 6 concept stocks including Goertek, Gree Electric, Robotics, Shensi Electronics, Hikvision, and Haier Zhijia all exceeded 100 million yuan. The total net inflow of main funds reached 1.250 billion yuan.

However, for the daily limit of robot concept stocks, the industry said that most of these stocks were stagnant in the early stage. Aside from the stimulus of the theme, they are still going by the logic of supplementary growth. Therefore, for this direction, it can be regarded as short-term speculation. , the continuity remains to be seen.

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Sure enough, yesterday’s daily limit tide receded. Although there are still many concept stocks, such as Jingshan Light Machinery, Mehe Shares, Xinshida, Great Wheel Intelligence, and Taier Shares, they still achieve an increase of more than 10%, but they have returned to calm in general.

In response to the impact of Tesla’s humanoid robot on A shares, Tianfeng Securities recommends focusing on four aspects: 1. The traditional robot arm industry chain, green harmonics, double-loop transmission, Inovance technology and other long-term dimensions benefit from FA robots and service robots 2. Tesla automotive industry chain: Sanhua Zhikong and Top Group have a clear supply logic; 3. Optimistic about the application of new materials represented by carbon fiber to achieve full weight reduction; 4. Baichu Electronics , Yi Jiahe and others have similar targets for Tesla’s artificial intelligence technology path.

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