[Opinión] What we need in Santiago is to prioritize education

By Luciana Rached (former president of the National Radical Youth and former candidate for senator of Juntos por el Cambio).

Education is vital for the development of the Province and the Country. This year it is imperative to open schools, they are the most important thing for our boys and girls.

Teachers and students alike have made immense efforts to maintain regularity of learning throughout 2020. Teachers adapted to virtual classes, listened to and contained children and adolescents in a time of uncertainty.

Ensuring the health of our teachers is important. As it is also important to bring relief to families and in particular to the women who accompanied their sons and daughters in learning. For this reason, now we need to project and design a comprehensive plan that allows classes to begin and the objective has to be face-to-face with protocols and measures to bring peace of mind to students, teachers and families.

The point is that the government is at the service of education. This implies making a testing plan available to teachers, that public transport has teachers and students as a priority, which serves to encourage this first stage.

The health magnitude of the crisis is important, as is the economic impact. But putting all that safe, we will continue to amputate our future if we do not set our sights on education and if we do not begin to act. According to UNICEF, closed schools increase school dropouts, something that the government should avoid by all possible means.

We have an omnipotent and at the same time absent State. Omnipotent in controlling every movement of its citizens, absent in not designing a comprehensive plan for the reopening of schools. We need collective solutions, and for that we need coordination between the Ministry of Education and the General Council of Education, the unions and teachers. We have to move forward seeking the participation of all, listen to all voices to finally find solutions.

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There is something that is not right in the values ​​of a political class for which education is not a priority, it is necessary to address the challenges that the province faces in access to education, which is essential to be able to imagine new possibilities. This requires management and predictability. It is time to turn the page, to trust again and believe in a better future.

In whatever conditions we were born and raised in, education will always be the starting point to build the future we dream of.



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