Opinion 1st “Utilization of Digital Teaching Materials and EdTech”: Education and ICT Online

The use of ICT in educational settings is rapidly expanding due to the “GIGA School Concept”, which establishes a computer terminal for each person and the school network, and the response to the new coronavirus infection.

Nikkei BP plans a three-part series of roundtable discussions on the theme of “ICT utilization education for children in the future.” The first discussion was on December 4, 2020, on “utilization of digital teaching materials and EdTech.”

In this project, experts from various fields are appointed as “opinion leaders” and contribute opinions (opinions, recommendations) on the content discussed in the roundtable discussion. Let me introduce the opinion of the first roundtable discussion.

Now is the time to raise the gear of ICT utilization and gather wisdom to create model cases

Tokushima Governor Kamon Iizumi

We would like to pay tribute to the key persons who have been active in the forefront of ICT education and have been engaged in lively discussions ahead of the times.

In order to develop human resources who will lead the era of Society5.0, it is an urgent task to bring out “independence of students” and realize “cross-curricular learning” through full utilization of ICT. I strongly sympathize with your opinions and suggestions.

Currently, the National Governors’ Association is strongly promoting the GIGA School concept with the country and the heart, and the environment for “individually optimized learning” is rapidly being improved.

Now is the time for educators to raise their gear even further and to make full use of the latest environment by gathering wisdom to create many model cases and disseminate them promptly.

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Tokushima Prefecture will continue to devise originality and ingenuity unique to Tokushima, including strategic utilization of “elementary, middle and high school integrated tablet terminals” toward “cultivation of human resources who boldly challenge the unknown world”.

What kind of lessons will be taught using computers and digital teaching materials depends on the teacher’s awareness

Yoshinori Yamaguchi, Governor of Saga Prefecture

In a society where innovation is advancing in various fields, it is necessary not only to acquire ICT knowledge and technology, but also to develop “digital human resources” who can utilize it to solve regional issues and lead to innovation in industry.

When I took office as governor, the purpose was to introduce a personal computer for each person for the first time in the whole country, but personal computers and digital teaching materials are only tools for enhancing the educational environment, and for education. I have been saying that how to use it is important to improve the quality.

For example, from 2021, Saga Prefecture will introduce a digital teaching material called “Kodokan 2” that covers the genres that are needed today, such as creative, art, technology, and business.

It is up to the teacher to decide what kind of lessons will be held using this teaching material in the future. I would like you to see this as an opportunity and work on education from the perspective of innovation.

* Kodokan 2 web page: https://www.kodokan2.jp/main/

Aiming for learning that begins with questions, with “transition from teaching to learning” as the pillar of education

Mayor of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture
Mr. Tatsuo Igarashi

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Tsukuba City created a new educational outline in March 2020. This educational outline has the highest goal of “living a happy life for each person”, sets the transition from teaching to learning as a pillar of education, promotes individual and interactive learning, and time for teachers to face children. It was decided that ICT equipment should be effectively introduced in order to increase the number of children, and that not only children but also teachers should continue to ask questions and provide support to continue their growth.

As a concrete example of the conversion from teaching to learning, in our city, when the school is closed all over the country to respond to the new coronavirus, as an opportunity to challenge new learning, free research is conducted online by researchers in the city. We carried out a plan to consult with the librarian. STEAM education initiatives that take advantage of the characteristics of the city, where public and private research institutes are concentrated, will begin in 2018, with the goal of developing the ability to think through each person’s thoughts and interests and thoroughly think about their own questions. We have built a platform for people and children to exchange and nurture ideas.

By utilizing ICT equipment, we are in an era where it is possible to shift to education tailored to each individual’s learning. To achieve this, it is important for not only teachers, schools, and boards of education, but also a wide range of stakeholders to exchange opinions and deepen their understanding of not only the introduction but also the purpose of utilization and specific measures.

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