Operation Medusa: a new marine animal joins Pepca’s research aquarium

These animals “have no brains and are mainly water, but jellyfish have many superpowers.”

SANTO DOMINGO.- Continuing with its catalog of marine names, the Special Prosecutor for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca) introduced a new species to its research aquarium on Tuesday: the jellyfish.

Pepca was inspired by this marine animal to name the investigation against ex-attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez and people allayed at his management, the operation was launched on Monday night through simultaneous raids in the National District, Jarabacoa and Casa de Campo.

These animals “They have no brains and are mainly water, but jellyfish have many superpowers”begins by saying an article on the National Geographic website.

Due to its particular composition, which reaches up to 98% water, “They have the ability to move in ways that others of their kind cannot”.

“The body of a jellyfish is symmetrical, the jellyfish has four or eight long arms depending on the species. The arms allow it to obtain food and place it in its mouth”, are some of the characteristics of this animal with which the operation against the former prosecutor is identified from today.

The jellyfish thus joins the octopus, coral and snail, animals that name three other cases of corruption investigated by Justices Wilson Camacho and Yeni Berenice Reynoso.

Along with him, Rafael Canó, Jonathan Rodríguez, Miguel José de Moya, Rafael Antonio Mercede Marte, Altagracia Guillén Calzado and Javier Alejandro Forteza and other people are being investigated.

The group is accused of crimes of association of criminals, fraud against the State, bribery, coalition of officials, falsification of public documents, identity theft, electronic crimes and money laundering.

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Of these, De Moya, who was an advisor to the Attorney General’s Office, was already arrested; Mercede Marte, in charge of Accounting; Guillén Calzado, Administrative Deputy Director; and Forteza Ibarra, Director of Information Technology.

Operation Medusa, led by Deputy Prosecutors Yeni Berenice Reynoso and Wilson Camacho, from the General Directorate of Persecution of the Public Ministry and Pepca, included at least 38 raids in the National District, La Vega and La Romana on Monday.


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