Operation around Kyiv: USA send robot dog to Ukraine

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The US Army sends a robotic dog to Ukraine. As several US media and the Ukrainian news agency “Ukrinform” reported on Thursday, the mechanical quadruped called “Spot” is to be used to clear mines and mortar shells. It is probably one of the first military deployments in an emergency for the robot dog.

Ukraine: Robot dog Spot to remove mines

The US Army has two of the robotic dogs developed by US robotics company Boston Dynamics. The robot model “Spot”, reminiscent of a dog, was presented in June 2016. A promotional video that got millions of clicks within weeks in February 2018 made the robot dog famous on the YouTube video platform.

Now Spot is to be used for the removal of ammunition and mines around the areas liberated from Russia near Kyiv. The US Army commissioned the non-governmental organization Halo Trust, which works as a contractual partner with the US military, to carry out the mission. According to managing director Chris Whatley, the robotic dog should transport the mines and other explosive devices away and place them in pits so that they can be blown up or disposed of in a controlled manner.

There has not yet been an official statement from the US Army on the use of the robot dogs, as they are used by the contractual partner Halo Trust.

Reul Spot Hund 190122

NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul (CDU, right) in the Innovation Lab with “Spot”.

The police in North Rhine-Westphalia are also examining the use of robot dog Spot. In January, NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul opened the so-called Innovation Lab in Duisburg. the police are to test new technologies in the laboratory. (mab)

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